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Wally AITF
Harvey Lembeck as Wally
Personal Information
laughs at fellow post brother and buddy Pinky Peterson's practical jokes while he, Archie and their post is at an American Legion Convention
Domestic partner(s): Marabel, an airline stewardess (only dating)
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie's Other Wife" in Season 9
Character played by: Harvey Lembeck
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Wally is a character who appears in the Season 9 episode of All in the Family titled "Archie's Other Wife" (#7). The part of Wally is played by actor/comedian Harvey Lembeck.

About Wally[]

When Marabel (Jonelle Allen), who's an attractive black airline stewardess friend and who's dating Wally (who's still married), reluctantly goes along with Pinky Peterson's practical joke on Archie, who's had one too many drinks after their American Legion post brothers were having partying, drinks in his hotel room while at a convention.

Archie comments about his date, whom he apparently met while the guys were on the flight to the convention as he says to Wally, "Look at Wally, the big family man, dating all of the young girls, huh?" as Wally responds, "I invite everybody!"