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Tony Vicino
Tony Vicino
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Grocery store owner
Threatened by two Italian mobsters who were looking for a fellow mobster
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie Sees a Mugging"
Character played by: Jack Somack
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Tony Vicino is an Italian-American neighbor of the Bunkers who gets mugged by a mobster in the Season 2 episode of All in the Family titled "Archie Sees a Mugging". The part of Mr. Vicino is played by character actor Jack Somack.

About Mr. Vicino[]

When two Italian mobsters pursue a fellow criminal, Mr. Vicino gets threatened by them outside of his business; they mistake him for the man they were looking for, and then attempt to accost and attack the man they were looking for, fail in their hit attempt, then flee the scene. Archie, who saw the two men accost Vicino, tells the police, When Tony comes by the house and lays out the whole story, that Archie saw the mugger and he didn't. But their stories don't match, in that Archie, when interviewed by a local newspaper, unwittingly ties Tony in with the Mafia!

Vicino accuses Archie of backing out on testifying because he is prejudiced against Catholics and Italians. Gloria notices that Archie's testimony has made the papers, that the mob has been accused of the crime. When Tony challenges Archie about his stereotype that all Italian/Sicilian Americans are involved in some type of criminal activity, he then says:

"How would you like if I said, All Bunkers are stupid...Stupid Bunker (looking at Mike), Stupid Bunker (walking over to Edith), Stupid Bunker (gesturing over to Gloria), Stupid Bunker #1! (gesturing to Archie) NO! That ain't right! It should be Nice Bunker, Nice Bunker, Nice Bunker (gesturing to Mike, Edith and Gloria)...(then gesturing to Archie) Stupid Bunker!"