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"The Unemployment Story (Part 2)"
Season 7, episode # 5
# 137 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date October 13, 1976
Production code 704 (7x05)
Written by: Ben Starr & Charles Stewart
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Gerald Hiken
Neva Patterson
Jeannie Linero
Eliza Roberts
Michael Alldredge
Ellen Travolta
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The Unemployment Story (Part 2) is the fourth episode of Season 7 of All in the Family, and the 137th episode in the series; it is also the conclusion of a two-part episode story arc. Co-written by Ben Starr and Charles Stewart, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, originally aired on CBS-TV on October 13, 1976.

"The Unemployment Story (Part 2)"
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Archie has not been a happy camper since being fired from his job, it seems he has been rendered impotent and also has developed a pain in his side. Archie later gets a job as a janitor, however, a college grad who applied for the same position threatens to jump off the building and Archie does his best to stop the man from leaping to his death.

Note: Part 2 and conclusion of a two-part episode, concerning Archie being laid off from his longtime job. Rob Reiner does not appear in this episode.


Archie continues to have problems with finances and with finding another job. At the grocery store, he stresses himself about Edith's spending habits and tries to save money even if it means denting cans to save two cents. Gloria informs him that he has an interview for a job as a custodian, and at the interview he finds out that he is only being offered the job because of his lack of education. He gets the job over a man who is highly educated but has been out of work for three years.

The man is so distraught that he climbs out onto the ledge of the building and threatens to jump, with only Archie to talk him down. He climbs out of the ledge in an effort to reason with him by showing him a picture of Joey and reminding him of the responsibility of being a grandfather - which they both are. The man sees the light and crawls back in, leaving Archie on the ledge by himself. He is deemed a hero for saving the man's life, and back home his good deed puts him in the mood for love, until a nagging recurring pain in his gut springs up again -- it's his gall bladder again!

Did You Know?[]


The job application that Ms. Maloney was holding was from Metromedia, in whose studio this episode was recorded.

Scene Excerpts[]


[Archie, in being laid off from his job at Pendergast Tool & Die, is forced to try to search for new job, as he is also applying for possible unemployment compensation in the interim at the unemployment office. Mrs. Maloney, one of the clerks at the office, has a job lead for him that only pays minimum wage, much to his bitter chagrin.]

  • Mrs. Maloney: Mr. Bunker, the job pays $3.90 an hour.
  • Archie: $3.90 an hour? Where is it, in Puerto Rico?
  • Mrs. Maloney: Close. 97th street and 3rd avenue!

Cast (in Credits Order)[]

Main Cast[]

Guest Stars/Recurring Cast[]

  • Gerald Hiken as Frank Edwards
  • Neva Patterson as Mrs. Maloney
  • Jeannie Linero as Grocery Store Clerk
  • Eliza Roberts as Receptionist (credited as Eliza Garrett)
  • Michael Alldredge as Policeman
  • Ellen Travolta as Secretary

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