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The Rempleys
Ruth and Curtis Rempley
The Rempleys, Curtis and Ruth were a swinging couple who put out an ad in a magazine which Edith, thinking they were looking for a couple to simply be friends with, repsonds to in the "AITF" episode "The Bunkers and The Swingers" in Season 3.


Male (husband Curtis)
Female (wife Ruth)

Characters played by

Vincent Gardenia (Curtis Rempley)
Rue McClanahan (Ruth Rempley)

All in the Family appearance

in episode "The Bunkers and the Swingers" in Season 3

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Curtis and Ruth Rempley were a swinging couple which appeared on All in the Family  in the episode "The Bunkers and the Swingers" in Season 3 (Episode 7).

About the Rempleys[]

Edith, who found a magazine while on the subway, reads an ad in the "swap" section. Not realizing what is actually being asked for, Edith assumes the couple is looking for friendship. She then answers the ad, not knowing it was for swingers to meet. Curtis Rempley, who was played by Vincent Gardenia, who would later appear on AITF in a recurring role as Frank Lorenzo from seasons 4-5, and his wife Ruth (who was played by Rue McClanahan, who would resurface on the AITF spinoff series Maude in the Vivian character) who put out the ad, respond to Edith, who gave them the address to the Bunker home.

Not only do the Rempleys respond, but they then promptly arrive at the Bunker's doorstep! Mike and Gloria, in a rush, try to explain to bewildered and still in the dark Edith, what they really want! However, it isn't until the couple is actually standing in the Bunker's living room that Edith realizes, with a little help from Louise, that they are "swingers" and they want to swap with Archie and Edith! After the Rempleys, who try to explain that swinging "saved their marriage", leave, Archie after a moment of silence, and at first in a subtle tone and a sarcastic look bellows at Edith, "Don't you go reading no more magazines!"


Like her All In The Family character, McClanahan had dysfunctional marriages, and even claimed in her autography My First Five Husbands...And The Ones That Got Away that she swung with Norman Lear's friend Darren Rogers.