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"The Split"
Season 4, episode # 1
# 70 overall in series (141 episodes)
Maude ep. 4x1 - Walter wins award
Maude (Bea Arthur) and Walter (Bill Macy), feeling that Maude isn't supporting him, are at odds over her missing his banquet as well as her attention to her political career, which causes him to leave Maude in anger, as he storms out of the house in "The Split", the Season 4 opening episode.
"Maude" episode
Series: Maude
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date September 8, 1975
Production code 402 (4x1)
Written by: Pamela Herbert Chais
Directed by: Hal Cooper
Guest starring: None
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The Split was the season opening episode of Season 4 of Maude, also, the 70th overall episode in the series. Written by Pamela Herbert Chais, the episode, which was directed by Hal Cooper, originally aired on CBS-TV on September 8,1975.

"The Split"
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Maude has to choose whether or not to run for a seat in the New York state senate. Walter becomes jealous when he feels Maude isn't supporting him, and finally puts his foot down; he demands Maude either choose him or her new political career.


Mrs. Naugatuck (Hermione Baddeley), the Findlay's live-in housekeeper, sings "Fly Me to the Moon" quite off-key while drunk on milk (mixed with whiskey). As she ascends the stairs, Walter and Maude come in the house (after Walter slams the door on Maude) in the middle of (as usual) a heated argument.

It turns out that Walter had won the annual Tuckahoe Businessman of the Year, joining other local luminaries, including Art of Art's Gas Station, Joe Gamble the night manager of a local restaurant called Chicken Delight, and Mario Leonetti, a philanthropist and part owner of the Pussy Cat Porno Theater. He was the winner of that year's "Tucky" award.

Maude was not in attendance as she was in Albany lobbying for an anti-pollution bill. Upon her arrival she knocked over a Chinese busboy, blaming him for a supposed case of "Asian Flu", the excuse Walter used to explain away Maude's absence.

After trying to explain to Walter what happened, with him ignoring her, he stormed off to the kitchen, where he prepared a sandwich (after having eaten a large meal at the Ramada Inn) and whilst eating it, proceeds to smash some of Maude's best Royal Copenhagen china.

Maude goes into the living room closet to retrieve something, just as Carol (Adrienne Barbeau); Vivian Harmon (Rue McClanahan) and Arthur Harmon (Conrad Bain), who also attended the banquet, come inside.

Maude goes into the kitchen, where Walter smashed another piece of china. Maude retaliates by smashing one of Walter's prized phonograph records. Again, Walter retaliates by smashing another piece of china (Obviously this was not the first time that Walter and Maude argued with dishes being broken in the process, and would not be the last, for certainty).

The noise arouses the others who come in trying to find out what is going on. Maude threatening to break another of his records, while Walter eats his sandwich. Then, a furious Walter storms back into the living room, after grabbing the rest of his records from Maude.

Refusing to listen to reason, Walter doesn't like that Maude had not attended his banquet, and coming in very late. Then Maude accidentally reveals that whilst she was in Albany, the head chairman of the Democratic Caucus asked Maude to run for State Senate seeing her as a viable candidate.

Walter, stunned, is also disgusted as he wonders while she is in Albany, who would take care of him. Not listening to Carol, who said, she, Phillip and Mrs. Naugatuck would be there to take care of him, tells Maude that he wants her to lose, so she can be his full-time wife as he wants. (Once more, he is becoming chauvinistic, which he knows Maude will not tolerate!)

When Senator Bob Myers calls asking for Maude's decision, she allows Walter to talk to him, and says that she can run, "but it will be over my dead body!".

A furious Maude then berates him, as does Carol and Vivian. Arthur, of course, sides with Walter on this. He then demands, point blank, that Maude either choose her political career, or her marriage to him! She chooses to run for the Senate, and a livid Walter slams his trophy down, breaking it.

Upstairs, he packs his suitcase, demanding that either she changes her mind about running for office or he walks out the door and leaves her. Again, she demands that she will take everyone on who doesn't believe that she should do this. Even Carol and Vivian think she should not run (Carol because she doesn't want to be forced into making a decision that wasn't hers to make in the first place, and Vivian because she thinks that Maude needs to be with Walter).

Stunned, Walter grabs his case, and after telling her that he loved her, he leaves, shutting the door. Maude reassures Carol that he will be back.

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  • Note: This episode and the three following episodes ("Consenting Adults", "Rumpus in the Rumpus Room", "Maude's Big Decision") comprised a four-week story arc which centered on the possible dissolution of the Findlay marriage due to Maude's political ambition and Walter's chauvinistic tantrum concerning it.
  • First one taped at Metromedia Square.
  • Part one of a five part-er making it the longest multi-part-er in the series.

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  • No guest stars appear in this episode.

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