The Runaway/Credits

"The Runaway" Full Cast & Crew

Writing/Directorial Credits

Cast (in credits order)

Main cast

Guest Stars/Recurring Cast

  • Tamu Blackwell as Fancine Potter
  • Juan DeCarlos as Mr. Potter
  • Ralph Wilcox as Hinkley, Francie's boyfriend

Production Team

  • Norman Lear - Executive Producer / Series Creator
  • Gene Marcione - Associate Producer
  • Rod Parker - Producer

Camera and Electrical Department

  • Ben Wolf - Camera Operator

Casting by

  • Jane Murray - Casting Director

Art Direction by

  • Edward Stephenson

Music Department

  • Alan Bergman - Composer: theme music
  • Marilyn Bergman - Composer: theme music
  • Dave Grusin - Composer: theme music
  • Donny Hathaway - singer: opening theme "And Then There's Maude"

Costume Design

  • Rita Riggs - Costume Supervisor

Other Crew Members

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