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The Frouge Twins
Joe and Fred Fruge Twins
Joe and Fred Frouge, who were unrelated, were both old Army platoon buddies of Archie; the running gag was the fact that they are unrelated. They both appear in the Season 1 AITF episode titled "Success Story".


both Male

Relationship to AITF characters

both old Army platoon buddies of Archie Bunker (they're unrelated!)

Characters played by

Joe Fruge played by George Savalas
Fred Fruge played by Frank E. Ford

Appearance on All in the Family

in episode "Success Story" in Season 1

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The Frouge Twins, Joe (George Savalas) and Fred (Frank E. Ford) were old platoon World War II buddies of Archie who visit him the the season one episode titled "Success Story". The running joke in the story of the two Frouges was that the other platoon buddies would get the two, who were of no relation, confused because of their last name; when the Frouges and Billy Pendergast (Len Lesser) and Eddie Frazier (William Windom), whom the other buddies, including Archie, look up to because of his apparent success as a wealthy businessman, meet at the Bunker home and reminisce about the name joke, they all have a big laugh about it! Mike, however, sarcastically looks at them, not at all amused by the joke!