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"The First and Last Supper"
Season 1, episode # 13
# 13 overall in series (205 episodes)
AITF 1x13 - The First and Last Supper
Henry Jefferson and Archie childishly engaging in an exchange of "raspberries" after arguing over whether Jesus Christ is "black or white" in "The First and Last Supper", the Season 1 finale (ep.#13).
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date April 6, 1971
Production code 113 (1x13)
Written by: Jerry Mayer
Directed by: John Rich
Guest starring: Isabel Sanford
Mike Evans
Mel Stewart
William "Billy" Benedict
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The First and Last Supper is the thirteenth episode and season finale of the first season of the CBS-TV series All in the Family, and also the 13th overall episode of the series. Written by Jerry Mayer, and directed by John Rich, the episode originally aired on April 6, 1971. Isabel Sanford appears as Louise Jefferson, while Mel Stewart appears as her brother-in-law Henry.

"The First and Last Supper"
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Edith invites Henry and Louise Jefferson over for dinner, ruining Archie's plans to go to a Mets game. Before dinner, Archie and Henry start a debate over racial matters.


The tempestuous introductory "shakedown season" of All in the Family ended on a high (and highly rated) note with the episode titled "The First and Last Supper." Though Archie (Carroll O'Connor) is resigned to the fact that the Jeffersons are living across the street, he is still opposed to having other black families move into the neighborhood. Archie's intolerance and all the inconsistencies and contradictions included therein come to surface when Edith invites the Jeffersons to dinner. Everyone is gathered at breakfast. Archie is reading from the Bible, as he and Mike are debating evolution. Mike calls the creation story out of the Bible a "fairy tale." Archie says God created him in his image, as Mike then tries to defend his and Gloria's view of religion. Edith answers the door; It's Lionel Jefferson, telling everyone that his parents (really, Louise) invited the Bunker's over for dinner. Edith hasn't told Archie, because she's scared that Archie, who has tickets for the Mets game later that night wouldn't come over. Archie gets mad at Edith for using his razor. Gloria tells Archie about his having dinner plans tonight. They finally tell Archie that the Jeffersons invited them to dinner, as Archie refuses to go. Gloria gets upset, as Archie then claims that blacks are inferior to whites. He wants Edith to call and cancel but she refuses. Archie, not wanting to miss the Mets game, calls the Jeffersons claiming they have to cancel because Edith twisted her ankle. Lionel comes over to check on Edith. He finds her standing just fine. Archie tells her to sit down. Lionel tried to find out the truth about why they canceled. Archie then finds out that Mr. Jefferson doesn't want to eat with the white folks. Lionel then suggests that his family bring dinner over the Bunker's house. Edith sets the table for dinner. Mike and Gloria prepare to leave for the Mets game. Archie criticizes Gloria's hot pants. When the doorbell rings, Archie rushes to wrap Edith's ankle. It's only Mr. McNab with a petition to make sure that no more blacks move into the neighborhood. The doorbell rings again. Archie tries to shoo Mr. McNab away telling him to leave through the back door. It's the Jeffersons (minus George) arriving with a cooked dinner. Mr. McNab sees them through the kitchen door. Archie takes the food into the kitchen and tries to explain. Henry Jefferson, George's brother (whom everyone thinks is George) is sitting in Archie's chair. He comes across the petition and reads it aloud. Edith tries to mind her own business. Henry keeps talking about poverty, which leads Archie to comment that he sounds like the "Meathead" Mike. When the men talk about religion, it quickly gets interesting. Henry thinks that God is black. Archie can't believe it. When the fight escalates, Louise Jefferson comes running out of the kitchen. The truth then comes out. Edith confesses that she didn't hurt her ankle. Louise confesses that she really didn't bring her husband to dinner. It's really her brother in law Henry; George is at Shea stadium taking in a New York Mets baseball game. Later, Edith tries to explain what happened over dinner to Mike and Gloria. She informs them that peace occurred when the food was put on the table.


  • Sherman Hemsley, who would later assume the role of George Jefferson, Henry's brother and Louise's husband and Archie's chief nemesis in and patriarch of the Jefferson family, still was under contract to continue acting in the hit Broadway play Purlie, had not yet joined the cast).



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  • William "Billy" Benedict as Jimmy McNabb (as Bill Benedict)

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