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"The Cabin"
Season 3, episode # 22
# 68 overall in series (141 episodes)
"Maude" episode
Series: Maude
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date March 10, 1975
Production code 322 (3x22)
Written by: Budd Grossmann
Directed by: Hal Cooper
Guest starring: Audrey Christie
Kay Dingle
Archie Hahn
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The Cabin was the 22nd episode of Season 3 of Maude, also the 68th overall episode in the series. Written by Budd Grossman , the episode, which was directed by Hal Cooper, premiered on CBS-TV on March 10, 1975.

"The Cabin"
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Arthur and Vivian decide to go on a romantic retreat to a mountain cabin. Maude senses the chance to put some fire back into her own marriage and organizes her own vacation to the mountains with Walter. The weekend is less than what Maude hoped for, discouraging her.


When Vivian and Arthur get into a sudden romantic mood which leads to Arthur inviting Vivian away on a romantic weekend to a cabin, Maude becomes unsure of her marriage with Walter. Trying to put the spark back in her marriage, Maude plans a romantic weekend but the situation turns out to be less than ideal.

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