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Sybil Gooley
Sybil Gooley
Sybil Gooley, Edith's best friend, and one of the Bunker's neighbors, appears in the All in the Family Season 6 episode "Mike's Pains".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Cashier at Ferguson's Market
Spouse(s): Harry Gooley, only mentioned
Related to: 4 children
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Mike's Pains" (Season 6), "Edith's 50th Birthday" (Season 8, Episode 4)
Character played by: Francine Beers/Jane Connell
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Sybil Gooley, Edith's friend and one of the Bunkers' neighbors, appears in the Season 6 episode of All in the Family titled "Mike's Pains". The part of Sybil is played in the episode by veteran stage/TV/film actress Francine Beers. In further episodes, particularly in the Season 8 episode "Edith's 50th Birthday, the character is played by Jane Connell.

About Sybil[]

Sybli, one of Edith's friends, often trades advice as well as juicy tidbits of gossip about the other neighbors, particularly when they run into one another at the local supermarket. At first only mentioned often by Edith beginning early on in the first season of the series, Sybil finally makes an appearance In the "Mike's Pains"  episode in Season 6, Edith invites Sybil over to the Stivic's so she can use an old family trick to test whether Gloria is going to have a boy or a girl (she predicts boy). Sybil and Edith discuss the birth of their children and how they wish their husbands had been there for the blessed moment. This changes Mike's mind and he decides that he wants to be present for the birth of Joey. While discussing the birth of her kids, Sybil, after Mike asks her if her husband was present at the births of their children, reveals that her husband Harry never saw the births, as she recalls, "With our first three babies, he drove me to the hospital...But with our fourth baby, when I said "Harry, It's time! He handed me the car keys!"