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"Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye"
Season 7, episode # 19
# 151 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date January 29, 1977
Production code 719 (7x19)
Written by: Phil Doran, Douglas Arango & Milt Josefsberg
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Charles Siebert
Jay Gerber
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Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye is the 19th episode of Season 7 of All in the Family, and the 151st overall episode of the series. Written by Phil Doran, Douglas Arango and Milt Josefsberg, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, originally aired on CBS-TV on January 29, 1977.

"Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye"
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Archie is shocked when his coworker and friend Stretch Cunningham has died after cavorting with a young woman. Asked to give the eulogy, he enlists Mike's help, requesting Bible references. But the biggest shock comes at the funeral. Archie reluctantly agrees to deliver Stretch's eulogy, unaware that his departed friend was Jewish.


Archie comes home irritated that Stretch Cunningham took a half day claiming that he was sick even though Archie knows well that he has taken time off to be with a girl.

Edith then answers a phone call from one of Archie's co-workers informing her that Stretch Cunningham had suddenly died while at the doctor's office. While trying to get his head together, Archie gets a visit from Stretch's brother-in-law Harry Moss (Jay Gerber) who asks Archie to give his eulogy. He reluctantly agrees and asks Mike to write something for him, but it turns out to a depressing piece of poetry.

Archie writes something himself, which included some off-color ethnic/religious jokes that he and Stretch would crack at work, which would prove to be a big mistake, when he learns of Stretch's religious background, that he kept hidden from him.

Upon arriving at the funeral service, Archie and Edith are both surprised to learn (Archie is really quite shocked to learn) that Stretch (whose real name is Jerome) was actually Jewish, yet never said anything about his religious background, despite, or perhaps because of, Archie's many anti-Semitic remarks, which he went along with and laughed at, as well many other crude ethnic religious jokes that the two of them would also tell at work.

Despite some awkward initial moments, Archie, feeling very remorseful for telling all of the crude religious / ethnic jokes to and sharing such wisecracks with Stretch while he was still alive, is able to gather enough strength to deliver an akward, yet sincere heartfelt eulogy (without the crude religious jokes, save for one Archie recalls that Stretch once told him while at work on the loading dock) for his friend, capping it off with a respectful "shalom".

Did You Know?[]


  • The last time that Stretch Cunningham appeared was in the Season 5 episode "Archie and the Miracle"; in all three of his actual appearances that season, he was played by James Cromwell.
  • This is the final episode in which Jerome "Stretch" Cunningham's is mentioned, although he is not seen during the episode. Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

Scene excerpts[]


[Archie and Edith have just arrived at Stretch Cunningham's funeral, only to discover it is a Jewish service]

  • Archie: What's goin' on, Edith?
  • Edith: I guess Stretch must have been Jewish.
  • Archie: Stretch Jewish? With a name like Cunningham?
  • Edith: Oh, well, Archie... what's in a name?
  • Archie: A Jewish name ain't supposed to have no "ham" in it.

  • Archie: I can't go through with this. Edith, Edith, I'm no good at this. How would you like to see me just louse up poor Stretch's funeral?
  • Edith: Oh, Archie, you ain't gonna do that. You've been to lots of funerals.
  • Archie: I know, I know, Edith, but I ain't never delivered a urology.

[Mike is an atheist]

  • Archie: Did you ever in your life tell somebody to go to Hell?
  • Mike: Well...
  • Archie: Don't give me any long stories, just answer me yes or no.
  • Mike: Well, yes.
  • Archie: So where did you want them to go, Disneyland?

[Archie delivers the eulogy at his buddy Stretch's funeral]

  • Archie: Stretch was always one of the uppest guys you ever met, see. Always laughing, telling jokes himself. Many a Jewish joke he told. He told the one about the priest said to the rabbi... he told about the priest said to the rabbi, "How come you never eat no ham?" The rabbi said, "It's against my religion. How come you never go out with a girl?" And the priest said, "it's against my religion." And the rabbi said, "You ought to try it. It's better than ham."

Cast (in Credits Order)[]

Main Cast[]

Guest Stars/Recurring Cast[]

  • Charles Siebert as Rabbi at Stretch's funeral
  • Jay Gerber as Harry Moss , Stretch Cunningham's brother-in-law

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