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Philip Carey as Steve, a friend of Archie's with a surprising secret, in the episode "Judging Books by Covers".
Personal Information
Shop owner
Strapping, handsome ex-football player who, much to Archie's shock and dismay, reveals that he is gay.
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Judging Books by Covers" (Season 1)
Character played by: Philip Carey
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Steve, an old ex-football player friend of Archie's, appears just once on All in the Family in the Season 1 episode "Judging Books by Covers"'. The part of Steve is played by veteran TV, film and stage actor Philip Carey, who is perhaps best known to TV viewers as Asa Buchanan from the ABC-TV daytime soap opera All My Children.

About Steve[]

Archie's thoughts of what makes a "real man's man" are ultimately disproved by an old long-time friend Steve, who was once a linebacker in the NFL. At Kelcy's Bar, after a couple of beers together and an arm wrestling challenge (which Archie quickly loses), Steve comes "out of the closet" to Archie when confronted about rumors regarding his sexual preference. Shocked Archie is made to eat crow big time! When his suspicions about Mike's fancy bohemian friend Roger are also shot down at the same time (Steve owns a camera store where Roger is a frequent customer), Archie is truly dumbfounded.