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Solomon Jackson
Solomon Jackson
Solomon Jackson, a fellow dock worker of Archie's, who's a Black Jew that he tries to recruit to liberalize his lodge, appears in the Season 7 episode of All in the Family titled "Archie the Liberal".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Dock worker at Pendergast Tool & Die
Black Jewish man who Archie and his lodge buddies attempt to recruit for the lodge, but only to stave off accusations of discrimination the lodge was getting from different activist groups
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie the Liberal" in Season 7
Character played by: James McEachin
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Solomon Jackson was a Black Jewish co-worker of Archie's at Pendergast Tool & Die whom Archie tries to recruit to join his lodge in order that groups like CORE would not accuse the lodge of discrimination in the Season 7 episode "Archie the Liberal". The part of Solomon Jackson is played by veteran character actor James McEachin, who earlier appeared on the series as Mr. Turner, an IRS tax agent who audits Archie in the Season 2 All in the Family episode titled "Archie's Fraud".

About Solomon[]

In a vain effort to liberalize his lodge, which was feeling pressure from groups such as CORE and the Urban League, Archie gathers some of his lodge buddies, Barney Hefner, Hank Pivnik, Harry Snowden as well as Wally together to try to come up with a plan to try to find a "token" minority member. Archie suggests they recruit Solomon, who is both Jewish and African American. When they call Solomon and invite him over to Archie's home, the first reluctant and distrusting Solomon decides eagerly to join, but only for the intent of, much to the chagrin of the guys, in a manner of sticking it to the discriminatory practices of the lodge, to seek "more minority members!"