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This guide lists all of the episodes aired during the ninth season of All in the Family, which would be the show's final season.

Season review[]

The series introduced a new cast member, child actress Danielle Brisebois, who appeared as Stephanie Mills, Edith Bunker's grand niece, who was left on the Bunkers' doorstep by Edith's nephew, who, unable to find work after the death of his wife, leaves little nine-year-old Stephanie with the Bunkers, vowing to return for her when he was able to find steady employment and a new place to live, only to abandon her, leaving Archie and Edith to raise her. The events surrounding the ninth and final season of All in the Family would be spun off into a new series the next season, titled Archie Bunker's Place, as the focus would shift a little from the Bunker home to the goings on at the saloon.

Season 9 (1978-79)[]

Season 9 episodes
Image # in Series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
AITF ep. 9x1 - Little Miss Bunker 182 1 "Little Miss Bunker" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine September 24, 1978 904
Archie is looking forward to a little peace and quiet, and well as spending time alone with Edith, when her Step-cousin - chronically unemployed Floyd Mills - drops by for dinner ... and a request: raise his daughter, Stephanie, while he tries to get back on his feet.

Note: First appearance of Danielle Brisebois as Stephanie Mills, Archie & Edith's "niece" (actually the daughter of Edith's step-cousin). Also first episode pretaped and shown to live studio audience for reactions and not taped in front of live studio audience.

AITF ep. 9x2 - End in Sight 183 2 "End in Sight" Paul Bogart Nate Monaster October 1, 1978 901
A physical exam reveals an ominous spot on Archie's liver. Feeling self-pity, Archie decides to change his ways and be nice to Edith.
AITF ep. 9x3 - Reunion on Hauser Street 184 3 "Reunion on Hauser Street" Paul Bogart Milt Josefsberg and Phil Sharp October 8, 1978 902
Barney Hefner wants to reunite with his wayward wife, Blanche, after learning she has a failed extramarital affair with an exterminator. Archie has a better idea: Try someone new.
AITF ep. 9x4 - What will we do With Stephanie 185 4 "What'll We Do With Stephanie?" Paul Bogart Larry Rhine and Mel Tolkin October 15, 1978 906
Edith's cousin Floyd fails to make good on his promise to show up to reclaim Stephanie. Archie, fearing that he won't get the peace and quiet he always wanted, wants to send Stephanie to the orphanage. However, Edith decides her niece has brought a happiness and joy to the Bunker household that she hasn't seen in years, and manages to talk Archie out of his plan. Eventually, Archie is won over and decides to let Stephanie stay.
AITF ep. 9x5 - Edith's Final Respects 186 5 "Edith's Final Respects" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf
Story by: Sam Greenbaum
October 22, 1978 905
Edith's Aunt Rose dies, and to her surprise, she's the only one to attend the funeral.
AITF ep. 9x6 - The Weekend in the Country 187 6 "Weekend in the Country" Paul Bogart Phil Sharp and Milt Josefsberg October 29, 1978 903
Archie and Edith accompany the Hefners to a cabin in the woods. But Barney and Blanche aren't having very good luck trying to patch up their tumultuous marriage, and it isn't long before the Bunkers are caught in an explosive argument. When Blanche refuses to allow Barney to sleep in her bed that night, Barney is forced to bunk with Archie. The opportunity allows Blanche to air her grievances to Edith, who successfully persuades her to give things one more try.
AITF ep. 9x7 - Archie's Other Wife 188 7 "Archie's Other Wife" Paul Bogart Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf November 5, 1978 907
While attending an American Legion convention, Archie wakes up to find another woman in his bed ... a black stewardess who claims that she married Archie the night before.
AITF ep. 9x8 - Edith Versus the Bank 189 8 "Edith Versus the Bank" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine November 19, 1978 908
Edith wants to buy a new color television set for Archie for their 30th anniversary. However, she is denied credit twice: once at the store, and again when she tries to sign for a loan at the bank. She then asks Archie for permission to borrow $500, but when she won't say why, he won't let her have the money either, causing Edith to become extremely angry.

Note: Edith notes that her favorite soap opera is As the World Turns (which, like All in the Family, appears on CBS).

AITF ep 9x9 - The Return of the Waitress 190 9 "Return of the Waitress" Paul Bogart Milt Josefsberg and Phil Sharp November 26, 1978 909
Remember Denise, the waitress with whom Archie nearly had an affair two years earlier? Harry - without consulting Archie - hires Denise as a waitress at Archie's Place. Archie is caught between a rock and a hard place when he finds out, and worries what Edith will say when the two finally meet. Sure enough, Edith runs into Denise at the bar ... and after a long conversation, decides to forgive her for tempting Archie into infidelity.
Image Needed 191 10 "Bogus Bills" Paul Bogart Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf December 3, 1978 911
Edith is arrested for passing a phony $10 bill she got from Archie's Place. Archie has to rely on blind patron Mr. Van Ranseleer to unravel this mystery.
Image Needed 192 11 "The Bunkers Go West" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine December 10, 1978 912
Archie and Edith are excited about welcoming Mike, Gloria and Joey home for Christmas ... when they call to announce they are not coming and won't say why. This leads Edith to suggest perhaps traveling to Santa Barbara, California for the holidays.

Note: Part 1 of a three-part story arc concerning the Bunkers visiting the Stivics in California for Christmas.

AITF ep 9x12-13 - California Here We Are 193
"California, Here We Are: Parts 1 & 2" Paul Bogart Part 1: Milt Josefsberg, Phil Sharp
Part 2: Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf
December 17, 1978 914

The Stivics' first Christmas in California may be their last together, the Bunkers learn. Gloria lets on that she and Mike are having serious marital problems and have separated. Archie is furious, assuming that Mike was to blame, but he really hits the roof when he finds out the truth. Mike's job as a college professor requires him to spend a lot of time away from home, and a lonely Gloria responds by having an affair with a neighbor.

As a stunned Mike watches, Archie - forgetting he once too nearly went astray - screams at Gloria about her unfaithfulness to her husband. Edith tries to get Archie to stop his verbal assault, but he tells her it's "God's business." Edith's retort: "Then you let God tend to it!" Then, in her own unique way, she asks her daughter and son-in-law whether there is anything left to rebuild their crumbling marriage. Mike and Gloria uneasily say they will try to rekindle their flickering marriage, and then put off the discussion long enough to invite Stephanie and Joey in to unwrap Christmas presents. 

Note: Originally aired as a one-hour episode, and constitutes the second of two-part story arc concerning the Bunkers visiting the Stivics in California for Christmas. In syndication, this episode is aired as a two-part episode. This is the last AITF episode to feature all four of the original cast members, Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner, together. However, they also appeared together for Thanksgiving at the Bunker house on Archie Bunker's Place.

AITF 9x14 - A Night at the PTA (2) 195 14 "A Night at the PTA" Paul Bogart Larry Rhine & Mel Tolkin January 7, 1979 910
Stephanie is really looking forward to performing with Edith as part of a talent revue. But when Edith develops laryingitis, they have to conceive a new act against Archie's wishes.
AITF 9x15 - A Girl Like Edith 196 15 "A Girl Like Edith" Paul Bogart Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf January 14, 1979 916
The butcher that once had a crush on Edith comes over to introduce his new German soon to be bride to be, Judith Klammerstadt ... but the bride looks a little too much like Edith.

Note: Jean Stapleton also plays Judith Klammerstadt and in the closing credits Klammerstadt is listed as "Giovanna Pucci". Pucci is a play on words with Stapleton's married name, which is Putch.

AITF 9x16 - the Appendectomy 197 16 "The Appendectomy" Paul Bogart Phil Sharp & Milt Josefsberg January 21, 1979 913
When Stephanie develops appendicitis, old, but reliable Dr. Shapiro is unavailable to perform the surgery. However, his son - who turns out to be one of Gloria's former playmates, is available and willing to do the surgery, even if Archie objects.
AITF 9x17 - Stephanie and the Crime Wave 198 17 "Stephanie and the Crime Wave" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine January 28, 1979 917
Things are missing from the Bunkers' household, and also from Stephanie's teacher. Stephanie is fingered as the culprit, and she readily admits she stole. But then she lets on her anxiety over returning to her father, and that she will have nothing to remember Uncle Archie and Aunt Edith by. Archie wants to spank his niece, but then decides to back off.
AITF 9x18 - Barney the Gold Digger 199 18 "Barney the Gold Digger" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Bob Schiller, Bob Weiskopf and Phil Sharp & Milt Josefsberg
Story by: Winston Moss
February 5, 1979 919
Barney becomes despondent when Blanche finally leaves him for good. Archie decides to play matchmaker, but the woman is fat and ugly ... and very, very rich!

Note: The episode aired on a Monday with CBS airing the movie Rocky that Sunday.

AITF 9x19 - The Return of Archie's Brother 200 19 "The Return of Archie's Brother" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf
Story by: Tom Sawyer, Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf
February 11, 1979 922
Archie's brother, Fred, returns ... with a beautiful 18-year-old wife named Katherine. This leads to a heated discussion over April–September romances, and a further strain placed on the relationship between Archie and Fred.
AITF 9x20 - Reverend Chong about to leave 201 20 "Stephanie's Conversion" Paul Bogart Patt Shea and Harriett Weiss February 18, 1979 918
Edith finds out that Stephanie has been hiding the fact she is Jewish from Archie. Archie finds out and hits the roof. Edith once again has to remind Archie that certain decisions aren't his to make, causing Archie to have a change of heart, even giving her a Star of David necklace to wear.
Image Needed 202 21 "Edith Gets Fired" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Harriett Weiss & Patt SheaStory by: Mort Lachman February 25, 1979 920
Edith loses her job at the Sunshine Home after being in the company of a terminally ill woman as she died. The thing is, Edith honored the woman's wish to "die with dignity," and she did nothing to alert the on-duty nurses after she lost consciousness. The woman's family complained, and Edith was let go. In the end, the woman's daughter thanks Edith because her mother is no longer suffering.
AITF 200th episode celebration - Norman Lear hosting N/A --
"The 200th Episode Celebration of All in the Family"
(Retrospective Special)
Walter C. Miller Norman Lear, Mort Lachman and Milt Josefsberg March 4, 1979 N/A
Norman Lear hosts a 90-minute retrospective looking back at the best moments of All in the Family.
AITF 9x22 - The Family Next Door 203 22 "The Family Next Door" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine March 11, 1979 921
Archie still can't let old prejudices go when he learns Edith rented out the Jeffersons' old house to a black family.
AITF ep. 9x23 - The return of Stephanie's father 204 23 "The Return of Stephanie's Father" Paul Bogart Larry Rhine and Mel Tolkin March 25, 1979 923
Cousin Floyd shows up as promised, but now has a demand: hand over $1,000 or never see Stephanie again. Knowing that Floyd is using blackmail to get money, Archie and Edith hatch a plan to get Floyd to go away and keep Stephanie where she belongs.

Note: Two character actors from this episode died before the show aired. On March 6, 1979, 83-year-old actor Charles Wagenheim was bludgeoned to death in his Hollywood apartment following a grocery shopping trip when he surprised a thief in his home. By sheer horrific coincidence, elderly character actor Victor Kilian was found beaten to death by burglars in his Los Angeles-area apartment just a few days later (March 11th).[4]

AITF ep. 9x24 - Too Good Edith 205 24 "Too Good Edith" Paul Bogart Harriett Weiss & Patt Shea April 8, 1979 924
Archie enlists Edith to help cook corned beef and cabbage for a St. Patrick's Day festival at Archie's Place. What Archie does not know is that Edith has come down with an acute case of phlebitis, and that she was told to stay off her feet. Edith does not want to tell Archie, afraid she will let him down. Finally, Edith's phlebitis catches up with her, and she tells Archie she cannot walk, and to call Dr. Shapiro. Initially, Shapiro is angry at Archie for apparently forcing Edith to work, but when he sees Archie did not know about the illness, he has a crisis of conscience for yelling at him. Archie also is stunned, and comes upstairs. Archie cannot believe that Edith would hide that from him, and questions her love for him. After Edith reassures him, Archie tells her he wants to be told next time when she is not feeling well, then admits he loves her very much and that without her, he has nothing.

Note: This is the final episode of All in the Family, before it made the transition to Archie Bunker's Place at the beginning of the following season.