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This guide lists all of the episodes aired in Season eight of All in the Family.

Season review[]

This season marked the final for both Rob Reiner (Michael Stivic) and Sally Struthers (Gloria Bunker Stivic) who both opted not to renew their contracts at season's end, opting to leave the series and move on to other projects.

Season 8 (1977-78)[]

Season 8 episodes
Image No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
Image Needed 158 / 159 1
"Archie Gets the Business (Part 1)"
"Archie Gets the Business (Part 2)"
Paul Bogart Larry Rhine & Mel Tolkin October 2, 1977 803
Archie learns that Kelcy's Bar is for sale and, wanting to gain a piece of the American dream and tiring of just scraping by, plans to mortgage his house to fund the tavern's purchase. An uncharacteristically stubborn Edith objects and refuses to co-sign for the mortgage, prompting Archie to forge her name on the application. Edith finds out and is outraged, and refuses to accept Archie's rationalization that he was merely committing "tracery". Mike has a heart to heart with Edith and, while not condoning what Archie did, admits that he understands why he felt he had to do it, and persuades her to let Archie mortgage the house to follow his dream.

Note: Originally aired as a one-hour episode, and establishes Archie's ownership of the neighborhood tavern, Archie's Place. In syndication, it is aired as a two-part episode. Sally Struthers does not appear in part 1.

AITF ep. 8x3 - Cousin Liz 160 3 "Cousin Liz" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Bob Weiskopf & Bob Schiller
Story by: Barry Harman & Harve Brosten
October 9, 1977 801
Archie and Edith attend her Cousin Liz's funeral. Afterward, they visit with Liz's friend, Veronica, who as it turns out is more than just a friend – she and Liz were lesbian partners. Edith is shocked but quickly understanding, and tells her to keep a valuable tea set that was bequeathed to her. However, Archie finds out and is outraged. When he learns he can't have the tea set, he plans to sue Veronica. But Edith warns Archie to back off, knowing that Veronica's teaching career could be destroyed if Archie files the lawsuit and thus, comes forward with his knowledge about her sexual orientation.

Note: Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers do not appear in this episode. Bob Schiller, Bob Weiskopf, Harve Brosten and Barry Harman won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.[1]

Image Needed 161/162 4
"Edith's 50th Birthday (Part 1)"
"Edith's 50th Birthday (Part 2)"
Paul Bogart Bob Weiskopf & Bob Schiller October 16, 1977 805
It's Edith's fiftieth birthday, and the family plans a surprise party for her, though she is, in fact aware of the party (and is actually baking the cake). She waits alone in the house, and a young man (played by David Dukes) appears claiming to be a detective searching for a rapist. He soon reveals that he himself is the rapist, and tries to sexually assault Edith. When Archie appears to claim a punch bowl, the man hides in the closet and threatens to kill him if Edith says anything. Once they are alone, the man is about to begin his crime-but a burning smell comes from the kitchen.

Edith's cake is in the oven, and the man allows her to pull it out. She suddenly strikes him in the face with the burning cake and runs from the house (this prompted the loudest round of cheers and applause ever recorded on the show). She confesses to her family what has happened, and enters into a state of constant fear and depression. Gloria urges her to identify the man (who would go on to attack another woman), or the police will drop charges against him. Edith refuses, and Gloria declares her "selfish" and no longer considers Edith her mother. Edith slaps her, which helps her to realize she must identify the man. She leaves for the police station with Archie hoping that her actions may keep the rapist away for good.

Note: Gloria references the events of third season episode "Gloria the Victim", in which she was also nearly raped; originally aired as a one-hour episode, depicting a rapist's attempted sexual assault of Edith. in syndication, it is aired as a two-part episode.

Image Needed 163 6 "Unequal Partners" Paul Bogart Chuck Stewart & Ben Starr October 23, 1977 802
Archie wants to go on a weekend fishing trip with Barney, and gets upset when Edith offers the house as the site for a wedding between two residents at the Sunshine Home on the day of the trip.

Note: Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers both do not appear in this episode. Ian Wolfe plays Herbert Hooper.

Image Needed 164 7 "Archie's Grand Opening" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine October 30, 1977 808
All about opening day at Archie's Place: Harry quits, prompting Mike, Gloria and Edith to fill in as temporary help. But Mike isn't very talented at mixing drinks, Edith's singing drives everyone nuts, and several customers sexually harass Gloria. The clincher: Archie's boss come in looking for Archie who has been using a lot of sick time without an excuse, when confronted, Archie announces he's resigning from his job.
Image Needed 165 8 "Archie's Bitter Pill (Part 1)" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin, Larry Rhine & William C. Rader, M.D. November 6, 1977 810
Business at Archie's Place isn't going very well, and Archie soon becomes exhausted from working too hard. His friend gives him some "prescription" pills for a boost, but he soon becomes hooked and begins acting erratically (for example painting the porch at 3 a.m.). When Edith, Mike and Gloria visit him at the bar to share their concerns over Archie's well-being, he begins babbling incoherently about opening taverns all over the place. However, the pills soon wear off and Archie begins to fear the worse: His dream of owning just one business may never come true.

Note: Part 1 of a two-part episode, co-written by William C. Rader (a psychiatrist who married Sally Struthers in December 1977).[2][3]

Image Needed 166 9 "Archie's Bitter Pill (Part 2)"
(also titled: "Archie's Road Back")
Paul Bogart Larry Rhine and Mel Tolkin November 13, 1977 811
Archie becomes very depressed over the apparent fate of his business, and inability to make all of the business decisions. Concerned about her husband, Edith gets Harry to make a deal – he'll be Archie's business partner. Archie resists at first, but then agrees to the offer. It isn't long before Archie is his old self.

Note: Part 2 of a two-part episode.

AITF 8x10 - Archie at Kweens Kouncil of Krusaders meetinf 167 10 "Archie and the KKK (Part 1)" Paul Bogart Bob Weiskopf, Bob Schiller, Mort Lachman & Milt Josefsberg November 27, 1977 806
During a citywide blackout, Archie complains about how blacks and other minorities take advantage by looting businesses. This inspires Mike to write a letter to the editor, suggesting that greedy governments engage in the same practice but call it free enterprise. At the bar, Archie gripes to his co-workers, unknowing that two men are listening in. The men – Gordie (an old buddy of Archie's) and Mitch – approach the bar and invite Archie to come to a meeting of the Kweens Kouncil of Krusaders. All Archie wants is for Mike to see things his way, but Gordie, Mitch and other Kweens members – whose organization is actually the local Ku Klux Klan chapter – have a different plan to "teach" Mike a lesson ... burning a cross on his lawn.

Note: Part 1 of a two-part episode.

AITF 8x11 - Archie and the KKK Pt. 2 168 11 "Archie and the KKK (Part 2)" Paul Bogart Bob Weiskopf & Bob Schiller December 4, 1977 809
A confused Archie tries to figure out how to stop Gordie and Mitch from their plans to burn a cross on Mike's lawn. He decides to ask Mike – who had gotten a harassing phone call because of his letter to the editor – to write a new letter recanting his position. When Mike refuses and Archie presses on, he lets slip about the Ku Klux Klan's plans. An outraged Mike, realizing that Archie may have unwittingly joined the KKK, tells Archie he does not want him seeing Joey ever again. Archie, risking his personal safety, pays a visit to Gordie and tries to persuade him from changing their mind about burning a cross on the Stivics' lawn (because Joey would see it and get the wrong idea over what the cross symbolizes). When Gordie refuses and then threatens to burn a cross on the Bunkers' lawn, Archie warns them not to burn any crosses, or else he will rally a group of African Americans together against them, saying that because he had received a blood transfusion from an African-American woman, they were now his "black blood brothers." With that, he leaves.

Note: Part 2 and conclusion of a two-part episode.

Image Needed 169 12 "Mike and Gloria Meet" Paul Bogart Bob Weiskopf & Bob Schiller December 11, 1977 812
The Bunkers and Stivics remember the first time the "Little Goil" and the "Meathead" met.
Image Needed 170
"Edith's Crisis of Faith (Part 1)"
"Edith's Crisis of Faith (Part 2)"
Paul Bogart Teleplay by:Bob Weiskopf & Bob Schiller
Story by: Erik Tarloff

Teleplay by: Erik Tarloff, Mel Tolkin & Larry Rhine
Story by: Erik Tarloff
December 25, 1977 813
Mike and female impersonator Beverly LaSalle get robbed at knifepoint on Christmas Eve. Mike is slightly injured but will be OK, but Beverly is beaten to death. Edith becomes distraught over the death of her friend and wonders how God could allow such a violent act to happen. This prompts Mike, of all people, to suggest that maybe God didn't want this brutal crime to happen – that it was just a bunch of thugs who were out to rob people and kill if need be. Edith soon agrees Mike's observation and it isn't long before she is herself.

Note: Originally aired as a one-hour episode. In syndication, it is shown as a two-part episode.

Image Needed 172 15 "The Commercial" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Ben Starr and Ron Bloomberg
Story by: Ron Bloomberg
January 8, 1978 815
Edith is hired to do a commercial for a laundry detergent ... only it is a brand that she thinks is inferior to the detergent she currently uses. Archie, his mind focused on money, tells his wife to put her ethics aside and do the commercial, but Edith, unable to tell a lie, eventually backs out.

Note: Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

Image Needed 173 16 "Super Bowl Sunday" Paul Bogart Bob Weiskopf & Bob Schiller January 15, 1978 817
Archie anticipates big business on the day of Super Bowl XII. But an afternoon of celebrating touchdowns and camaraderie with friends soon take a back seat to the wishes of two customers, who are daring robbers who steal everyone's belongings.

Note: Aired after the broadcast of Super Bowl XII as lead-out programming.

Image Needed 174 17 "Aunt Iola's Visit" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Albert E. Lewin
Story by: Michael Loman
January 22, 1978 816
Another in a long line of Edith's wacky relatives – this time, her elderly Aunt Iola – pays the Bunkers a visit ... and stays and stays and stays, much to Archie's chagrin.

Note: Nedra Volz played Edith's Aunt Iola. Nedra would later play the Findlay's new maid when they relocated to Washington, D.C. in the final episodes of Maude.

Image Needed 175 18 "Love Comes to the Butcher" Paul Bogart Phil Sharp February 5, 1978 818
Edith gives the neighborhood butcher, a bachelor who is desperately seeking a girlfriend, some encouragement. The butcher takes the compliment seriously and develops a huge love crush for Edith.
Image Needed 176 19 "Two's a Crowd" Paul Bogart Phil Sharp February 12, 1978 819
Archie and Mike are locked in the storeroom at Archie's Place. When they are unable to break out or summon help, they are forced to spend the night together. Armed with just a bottle bourbon whiskey, Archie – after learning that he is the only one to call his son-in-law "Meathead" – reveals that, as a child of the Great Depression, he was ridiculed by his classmates for having to wear a shoe and boot to school (hence, his nickname, "Shoobootie"), then lets on he had suffered physical abuse by his unemployed father. Mike is only able to sit there, stunned, as he gains a new understanding of his father-in-law. In the end, an intoxicated Archie falls asleep on the floor, and Mike tenderly covers him with a tarp.

Note: Sally Struthers and Jean Stapleton do not appear in this episode.

Image Needed 177 20 "Stale Mates" Paul Bogart Bob Weiskopf & Bob Schiller February 19, 1978 820
After celebrating the seventh anniversary of their friends, an unmarried couple, Mike and Gloria start to question the romance in their marriage. To try to rekindle their love for each other, they head out to the Poconos. Things are well at first, but then they start to get uncomfortable. Gloria then openly comes out saying that they should consider divorce. But in the end, they realize all the wonderful things in their marriage.
AITF 8x21 - Archie's Brother 178 21 "Archie's Brother"
(alternatle title: "The Brother")
Paul Bogart Larry Rhine and Mel Tolkin February 26, 1978 821
Archie's estranged brother, Alfred, pays a visit to 704 Hauser Street to rekindle their relationship. The thing is, Alfred is due for a major operation and wants to make peace with Archie, but Archie has a lot of things to settle first.
Image Needed 179 22 "Mike's New Job" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine March 5, 1978 822

Mike gets the deal of a lifetime: After years of part-time work – and before that, often being unemployed – he is offered a teaching job at a major university ... in California.

Note: Part 1 of a three-part story arc concerning the Stivics' plans to move to California.

AITF ep. 8x23 - The Dinner Guest 180 23 "The Dinner Guest" Paul Bogart Larry Rhine and Mel Tolkin March 12, 1978 823
Edith prepares a special dinner to honor Mike for his new job. However, Mike unknowingly makes other plans beforehand with the dean of the university he is going to work for. When they break the news, Edith (and Archie) becomes very upset. Mike is forced to hastily change his plans and he and Gloria sit down for Edith's meal, but it soon erupts into another argument between Mike and Archie.

Note: Part 2 of a three-part story arc concerning the Stivics' plans to move to California.

AITF ep. 8x24 - The Stivics Go West 181 24 "The Stivics Go West" Paul Bogart Bob Weiskopf & Bob Schiller March 19, 1978 824
Archie and Mike finally make peace with one another, admitting that although their views are vastly different, there have been plenty of good times and that they have come to love and respect one another. The tearful goodbye follows, and Archie and Edith are left alone, sadly sitting in their chairs, a piece of them having left them forever.

Notes: Part 3 and conclusion of a three-part story arc concerning the Stivics' plans to move to California. Final episode with Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers in their roles as regular cast members.