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The sixth and final season of Maude aired from September 12, 1977 to April 4, 1978 and consisted of 24 episodes.


Season 6 (1977-78)[]

Season 6 episodes
Image # in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
Maude Image Needed 118 1 "Maude's Guilt Trip" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck September 12, 1977 601
Maude weighs her options — to vacation in Rome, or not to vacation in Rome — when a plane purportedly carrying her mother's friend, Aunt Tinkie, crashes en route to Tuckahoe days after Tinkie makes Maude a beneficiary on her life insurance policy.
Maude Image Needed 119 2 "Phillip and Sam" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais September 19, 1977 602
Maude's new-fashioned ideas are put to the test when Phillip invites a female friend to spend the night.
Maude Image Needed 120 3 "The Flying Saucer" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian & S.J. Levine September 26, 1977 604
Maude believes she saw a flying saucer.
Maude Image Needed 121 4 "Victoria's Boyfriend" Hal Cooper Thad Mumford October 3, 1977 605
Victoria's Jamaican father (Roscoe Lee Browne) is not happy she's dating an American black man.
Maude Image Needed 122 5 "Walter's Temptation" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian & Bill Davenport October 17, 1977 607
Walter is tempted by his assistant (Marcia Rodd) when she's grateful to him for giving her a raise — on Maude's advice.
Maude Image Needed 123 6 "Phillip's Birthday Party" Hal Cooper Teleplay by: Bill Davenport
Story by: Bob Balaban & Lynn Grossman
October 31, 1977 609
A group of teenagers crash Phillip's birthday party.
Maude Image Needed 124 7 "The Doctor's Strike" Hal Cooper William Davenport November 7, 1977 602
Arthur organizes a doctor's strike just as Walter gets sick.
Maude Image Needed 125 8 "The Ecologist" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian November 14, 1977 606
Maude has sexual fantasies about an ecologist (Edward Winter) with whom she's working to clean up the Hudson River.
Maude Image Needed 126 9 "The Gay Bar" Hal Cooper Story by: Michael Ender & Thad Mumford
Teleplay by: William Davenport & Arthur Julian
December 3, 1977 611
Arthur is not happy about a gay bar in town.
Maude Image Needed 127 10 "Businessperson of the Year" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian December 12, 1977 612
Maude and Arthur compete to be Tuckahoe's Businessperson of the Year.
Maude Image Needed 128 11 "Maude's Christmas Surprise" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian & Bill Davenport December 19, 1977 614
Maude finds a baby on her doorstep at Christmastime.
Maude Image Needed 129 12 "Maude's New Client" Hal Cooper William Davenport January 2, 1978 610
Maude's new real estate client has a connection to the mob.
Maude Image Needed 130 13 "The Obscene Phone Call"' Hal Cooper Thad Mumford January 16, 1978 613
Maude changes her phone number to put a stop to the obscene phone calls she's been receiving, but when the calls continue, Maude suspects that the culprit is someone she knows.
Maude Image Needed 131 14 "Musical '78" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian & Bill Davenport Janusry 28, 1978 617
Maude holds a TV musical fund raiser to raise money for a disabled former child tap dancer, but learns before the telethon goes on the air that the child is faking her condition.
Maude Image Needed 132 15 "My Husband, The Hero" Hal Cooper Sy Rosen February 4, 1978 608
Maude is not happy when Walter is declared a hero for saving another person while a restaurant where they were dining goes on fire.
Maude Image Needed 133 16 "Maude's Foster Child" Hal Cooper Johnny Bonaduce February 11, 1978 618
Maude's Ethiopian foster child comes to visit for the first time, thanks to the sponsorship of a local African-American congregation — but when he arrives, Maude discovers he's not quite what any of them expected.
Maude Image Needed 134 17 'Vivian's Decision" Hal Cooper Richard Herlan February 18, 1978 619
Vivian considers leaving Arthur when she attends a college reunion and discovers that many of her former classmates and current students are really making a difference in the world. This episode is largely a "two-hander" for Beatrice Arthur and Rue McClanahan.
Maude Image Needed 135 18 "Carol's Dilemma" Hal Cooper Story by: Charlie Hauck
Teleplay by: Bruce Kane & Sandy Veith
February 25, 1979 615
Carol learns that her ex-husband Vernon (Charles Siebert) is about to re-marry and wants custody of Phillip.
Maude Image Needed 136 19 "Arthur's Grandson" Hal Cooper Richard Herlan March 4, 1978 616
Arthur's grandson (Sparky Marcus) is coming to visit, so Arthur is hoping to patch things up with his son.
Maude Image Needed 137 20 "Mr. Butterfield's Return" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian & Bill Davenport March 11, 1978 621
Mr. Butterfield (Roscoe Lee Browne) returns with the intention of taking Victoria back to the West Indies.
Maude Image Needed 138 21 "Phillip's Mature Romance" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian & Bill Davenport March 25, 1978 620
Maude discovers that Phillip's girlfriend is four years older than him.
Maude Image Needed 139 22 "Maude's Big Move: Part 1" Hal Cooper Richard Herlan April 8, 1978 622
At a Chinese dinner party given for her Congresswoman friend, Maude discovers that Carol and Phillip are moving to Colorado; Vivian and Arthur are moving to Idaho; and her friend (Mary Louise Wilson) collapses dead on the floor.

Note: Final series appearance of Adrienne Barbeau.

Maude Image Needed 140 23 "Maude's Big Move: Part 2" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck April 15, 1978 623
Faced with the departure of nearly everyone she loves from her life, Maude sinks into depression only to be lifted by some excellent news — she's been named to succeed her friend as Congresswoman.

Note: Final series appearances of Conrad Bain and Rue McClanahan.

Maude Image Needed 141 24 "Maude's Big Move: Part 3" Hal Cooper Bill Davenport, Charlie Hauck, Arthur Julian & Rod Parker April 22, 1978 624
Maude and Walter leave New York for Washington, D.C. to begin a new chapter in their lives.