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This guide lists all of the episodes aired in season six of All in the Family which aired during the 1975-76 television season.

Season review[]

To compensate for George and Louise Jefferson, the Bunker's next-door neighbors, who were spun-off into their own series, a new character, lodge buddy and practical joker Pinky Peterson (played by Eugene Roche) was added as a supporting character to the cast. Several other changes would occur, such as the birth of a grandson, Joey Stivic in a two part episode ("Birth of the Baby", episodes #14 and #15) and the moving in of Mike and Gloria into the old Jefferson house next door in "The Very Moving Day" in episode #1.

Season 6 (1975-1976)[]

Season 6 episodes
Image No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
AITF 6x1 - The Very Moving Day 109 1 "The Very Moving Day" Paul Bogart Hal Kanter September 8, 1975 605
The night before they are to move out into their own home, Gloria arrives home with the news that she is pregnant. Mike becomes upset at the thought of raising a child they had not planned on having.
AITF 6x2 - Alone at Last 110 2 "Alone at Last" Paul Bogart Hal Kanter September 15, 1975 606
Mike and Gloria are set to move into their own home next door to Archie and Edith, but Mike has forgotten to have the utilities in their new home turned on, leading to another altercation between the young couple and Archie.
AITF 6x3 - Archie the Donor 111 3 "Archie the Donor" Paul Bogart Bill Davenport and Larry Rhine September 22, 1975 602
Archie wants to impress his boss (from whom he is expecting a promotion) by agreeing to be an organ donor, only to regret his decision

Note: Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

AITF 6x4 - Archie the Hero 112 4 "Archie the Hero" Paul Bogart Lou Derman & Bill Davenport September 29, 1975 601
Archie arrives home from his part-time cab driving job, proudly announcing that he provided CPR to a female passenger who lost consciousness in his cab. However, he later becomes less-willing to speak of his good deed when he and Edith realize that the "woman" was actually a male-to-female transvestite.

Note: This episode features the first appearance of female impersonator Lori Shannon in the role of Beverly LaSalle. Shannon made a few more appearance over the next year, until the character was killed off the following season. Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

AITF 6x5 - Mike's Pains 113 5 "Mike's Pains" Paul Bogart Lou Derman and Milt Josefsberg October 6, 1975 608
Gloria wants Mike to be with her in the delivery room when she gives birth. At first he agrees, but after listening to Archie's arguments against doing so, he has second thoughts.
AITF 6x6 - Chain Letter 114 6 "Chain Letter" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Lou Derman and Milt Josefsberg
Story by: Lou Derman
October 20, 1975 603
Archie receives a chain letter, and when he throws it away, a series of mishaps causes Archie to wonder if breaking the chain really was the cause of his bad luck.

Note: Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

AITF 6x7 - Mike Faces Life 115 7 "Mike Faces Life" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin & Larry Rhine October 27, 1975 609
Gloria is fired from the Kressler's Department Store because she is pregnant. After being given lip service by the company's human resources manager (George Furth), she and Mike stage a protest in front of the store, end up on the evening news, and gets her job back.

Note: Carroll O'Connor appears briefly in the opening scene of this episode.

AITF 6x8 - Edith Breaks Out 116 8 "Edith Breaks Out" Paul Bogart Lou Derman & Bill Davenport November 3, 1975 604
Archie resents that Edith has been spending too much time as a nursing home volunteer at the Sunshine Home, and he tells her that her work is a waste of time because they do not pay her for it. But his argument comes back to haunt him when Edith announces the Sunshine Home likes her so much, they have decided to pay her.

Note: Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

AITF 6x9 - Grandpa Blues 117 9 "Grandpa Blues" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine
Story by: John Rappaport
November 10, 1975 610
Archie learns that his blood pressure is too high, and is ordered to remain calm and stress-free, but he and Mike get into a debate about what the baby's name should be.
All in the Family ep 6x10 - Gloria Suspects Mike 118 10 "Gloria Suspects Mike" Paul Bogart Lou Derman and Milt Josefsberg November 17, 1975 610
Gloria is eight months' pregnant and is feeling very unattractive. To make matters worse, she suspects that Mike might be having an affair with one of his students (Bernadette Peters).
AITF 6x11 - The Little Atheist 119 11 "The Little Atheist" Paul Bogart Lou Derman November 24, 1975 607
Over Thanksgiving dinner, Archie argues with Mike over whether his and Gloria's baby should be baptised and raised as a Christian; Mike and Gloria feel their child should be allowed to choose his own faith when he is old enough to decide for himself.
AITF 6x12 - Archie's Civil Rights 120 12 "Archie's Civil Rights" Paul Bogart Larry Rhine and Mel Tolkin December 1, 1975 612
Archie is mugged while driving his cab, but it is he who is charged with assault (for defending himself with his illegally-obtained tear gas pen). The judge in his hearing turns out to be an African-American woman, and Archie does not help his case when he tries to be "respectful".

Note: Rob Reiner does not appear in this episode.

Image Needed 121 13 "Gloria is Nervous" Paul Bogart Milt Josefsberg and Ben Starr December 8, 1975 614
Gloria is anxious to give birth to her baby, and is panicked to be nine days overdue, taking out her frustrations on Mike.

*Note: This episode features Betty Garrett's final appearance on the series as neighbor Irene Lorenzo. Carroll O'Connor does not appear in this episode.

Image Needed 122 14 "Birth of the Baby (Part 1)" Paul Bogart Lou Derman, Bill Davenport, Larry Rhine & Mel Tolkin December 15, 1975 616
Archie is forced by his lodge to appear in blackface in a minstrel show (which he refers to as a "menstural show"), much to his own discomfort. Mike and Gloria, meanwhile, attempt to have a quiet dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant, when Gloria goes into labor. While calling the doctor, she becomes trapped inside the phone booth.

Note: Part 1 of 2.

Image Needed 123 15 "Birth of the Baby (Part 2)" Paul Bogart Milt Josefsberg and Ben Starr December 22, 1975 617
Archie and Edith receive word that Gloria has gone into labor, giving Archie an excuse to leave the minstrel show. His lodge buddies, however, are upset and will not allow him to use their cold cream, forcing him to rush to the hospital in blackface. Gloria gives birth to a boy, Joey Stivic.

Notes: Part 2 of 2. This episode echoes the 1953 I Love Lucy episode "Lucy Goes to the Hospital" in which Little Ricky was born and Ricky, coming from a night club performance, arrived at the hospital in full costume and makeup as a South American witch doctor.

Image Needed 124 16 "New Year's Wedding" Paul Bogart Lou Derman, Bill Davenport,Milt Josefsberg & Ben Starr January 5, 1976 615
Mike and Gloria are getting ready for the wedding of their best friends Al and Trudy, but their excitement over the occasion is eclipsed by Gloria's frustrations that Mike is not taking her feelings seriously.

Note: Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton both do not appear in this episode (a first for Stapleton). Billy Crystal guest stars.

Image Needed 125 17 "Archie the Babysitter" Paul Bogart Lou Derman & Bill Davenport January 12, 1976 613
Mike and Gloria are going out for the evening, and Archie is less than pleased with the babysitter they have chosen (a young student of Mike's), and her hippie boyfriend, but when he alienates the pair they leave, leaving him to babysit his grandson. Note: Jean Stapleton does not appear in this episode.
Image Needed 126 18 "Archie Finds a Friend" Paul Bogart Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine January 26, 1976 618
Archie meets a new friend (Jack Gilford), and tries to convince Edith to agree to invest in his automatic doorbell ringer invention, which he is sure will make then a fortune. 

Note: Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers both do not appear in this episode.

Image Needed 127 19 "Mike's Move" Paul Bogart Milt Josefsberg and Ben Starr February 2, 1976 619
Mike is forced to reconsider his feelings on Affirmative Action, when he is up for a prestigious job against an equally-qualified black candidate.
Image Needed 128 20 "Archie's Weighty Problem" Paul Bogart Larry Rhine and Mel Tolkin February 9, 1976 620
Archie is ordered by his physician to lose weight, but he is not impressed with Edith's attempts at "low fat cooking".
Image Needed 129 21 "Love by Appointment" Paul Bogart Lou Derman & Bill Davenport February 16, 1976 621
The Stivics' new baby is hindering their love life.
Image Needed 130 22 "Joey's Baptism" Paul Bogart Milt Josefsberg, Mel Tolkin & Larry Rhine February 23, 1976 622
Archie baptizes his grandson himself after Mike and Gloria refuse to have him baptized.
Image Needed 131 23 "Mike and Gloria's House Guests" Paul Bogart Larry Rhine, Mel Tolkin & Milt Josefsberg March 1, 1976 623
Archie and Edith's furnace breaks down, forcing them to spend the weekend with Mike and Gloria.
Image Needed 132 24 "Edith's Night Out" Paul Bogart Teleplay by: Lou Derman, Douglas Arango & Phil Doran
Story by: Lou Derman
March 8, 1976 624
Edith looks beautiful in her tailored pants suit Gloria has given her, and wants Archie to take her out on the town. When he refuses, she decides to go out on her own, ending up at Kelcy's Bar. When Archie shows up at Kelcy's Bar a short time later, he realizes his wife is the "life of the party", and that he had better stop taking her for granted.

Note: Doris Roberts guest stars. Roberts would gain her greatest fame two decades later on Everybody Loves Raymond