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The fifth season of Maude aired from September 20, 1976 to April 4, 1977 and consisted of 24 episodes.


Season 5 (1976–1977)[]

Season 5 episodes
Image # in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
Maude Image Needed 94 1 "Vivian's First Funeral" Hal Cooper Sam Greenbaum September 20, 1976 501
Vivian's phobia of funerals makes her a nervous wreck when she must attend the funeral of a friend with Maude. To complicate matters, Vivian is also nervous when she discovers Maude lost the antique brooch that Arthur had given her, which she lent to Maude who in turn lent it to someone else, whom Maude cannot remember. Maude and Vivian soon discover just whom it was Maude had lent the brooch to.
Maude Image Needed 95 2 "Maude and Chester" Hal Cooper Howard Albrecht & Sol Weinstein
Teleplay by: Pamela Herbert Chais
September 27, 1976 506
Maude meets her ex-husband Chester (Martin Balsam) to clear up some legal issues, but they end up locked in the lawyer's office.
Maude Image Needed 96 3 "Bert Moves In" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian October 4, 1976 505
Bert proposes to Mrs. Naugatuck, then withdraws his proposal when he loses his job and must move in with her to save money.
Maude Image Needed 97 4 "Walter's Crisis: Part 1" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck October 11, 1976 502
Maude and Walter are set to go on vacation, but their plans are put on hold when Walter doesn't get a loan.
Maude Image Needed 98 5 "Walter's Crisis: Part 2" Hal Cooper Teleplay by: Arthur Julian
Story by: Donald King
October 18, 1976 503
Walter goes into a deep depression when he finds himself out of a job.
Maude Image Needed 99 6 "Walter's Crisis: Part 3" Hal Cooper Teleplay by: Bill Davenport
Story by: Donald King
October 25, 1976 504
Walter takes a sleeping pill to help with his depression, but he ends up swallowing more than he should.
Maude Image Needed 100 7 "The Election (Season 5 episode)" Hal Cooper Thad Mumford November 1, 1976 507
With election day just around the corner, Carol goes to the percent to help out and Maude gets the chance to meet her daughter's new boyfriend (Michael O'Keefe) - a man who's ten years younger than Carol.
Maude Image Needed 101 8 "The Game Show" Hal Cooper Jay Folb November 8, 1976 509
The Findlays and the Harmons go to New York, where Maude and Vivian are chosen to be contestants on a game show. Guest starring Conrad Janis and Johnny Olson as the host and announcer of "Beat The Devil"
Maude Image Needed 102 9 "Arthur's Worry" Hal Cooper Story by: Arthur Julian
Teleplay by: Kathy Gori & Michael Smollins
November 15, 1976 508
Walter fears an upcoming camping trip with Arthur because he's dreamt that he kissed him.
Maude Image Needed 103 10 "Mrs. Naugatuck's Wedding" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian & Bill Davenport November 22, 1976 512
Mrs. Naugatuck refuses to change her last name at her wedding, leading the men and women to take sides on the matter.
Maude Image Needed 104 11 "Maude's New Friends" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais November 29, 1976 513
The Harmons introduce the Findlays to a couple (James Coco and Helen Page Camp) who are interested in wife-swapping.
Maude Image Needed 105 12 "The Rip-Off" Hal Cooper Charles Tannen & Tom Adair December 13, 1976 510
Walter goes to extremes to find security when he and the Harmons come home from the movies to find Maude tied up and the place burglarized.
Maude Image Needed 106 13 "Walter's Christmas Gift"' Hal Cooper Thad Mumford December 20, 1976 513
Since the Findlays' finances are so low, they decide to give homemade gifts for Christmas, while Arthur offers Walter a partnership in a new business.
Maude Image Needed 107 14 "Captain Hero" Hal Cooper Harry Cauley Janusry 3, 1977 515
Maude's visiting cousin (John Byner) insults one of potential contributors to her mental health clinic.
Maude Image Needed 108 15 "Maude's Adult Relationship" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck January 17, 1977 516
Maude's priceless crystal punch bowl is shattered at a At Arthur's insistence, Walter starts to worry that Maude is having lunch with her handsome work associate.
Maude Image Needed 109 16 "Arthur's Crisis" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck February 7, 1977 511
Walter's fun-loving prankster friend (Eugene Roche) dies during an operation, leading Arthur to question his abilities as a doctor. Guest starring Michael Keaton, Charles Lane and Mary Jo Catlett.
Maude Image Needed 110 17 'Maude's Desperate Hours" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian February 14, 1977 517
With Walter out of town, Maude keeps getting threatening phone calls - and the caller may be a painter recently hired to work on the house.
Maude Image Needed 111 18 "Maude's Reunion (Season 5 episode)" Hal Cooper Story by: Charlie Hauck
Teleplay by: Bruce Kane & Sandy Veith
February 21, 1977 519
Maude attends her 30th high school reunion and discovers that one of her oldest friends (Nanette Fabray) just had a stroke.
Maude Image Needed 112 19 "Feminine Fulfillment" Hal Cooper Story by: Jeannie Blackton & Joanne Greenberg
Teleplay by: Charlie Hauck & Thad Mumford
February 28, 1977 520
Maude is shocked that Vivian joined a woman's group that encourages women to be subject to their husband's whims.
Maude Image Needed 113 20 "Maude's Aunt" Hal Cooper Bill Davenport March 7, 1977 518
Maude's aunt (Eve Arden) visits and proves to be just as caustic as she is.
Maude Image Needed 114 21 "Arthur's New Best Friend" Hal Cooper Eliot Shoenman March 14, 1977 522
Walter and Arthur each have new best friends.
Maude Image Needed 115 22 "Vivian's Surprise" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian & Bill Davenport March 21, 1977 521
Vivian is surprised that Arthur's had a change of heart when he returns from a trip.
Maude Image Needed 116 23 "The Household Feud" Hal Cooper Arthur Julian & Bill Davenport March 28, 1977 523
Maude and Mrs. Naugatuck get into a feud that starts with the Findlays not being invited to the party and Maude accidentally breaking Mrs. Naugatuck's urn.
Maude Image Needed 117 24 "The New Maid" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck April 4, 1977 524
Maude's new maid is a young West Indian woman whom she initially suspects of stealing her wallet.