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The fourth season of Maude aired from September 18, 1975 to March 15, 1976 and consisted of 24 episodes.


Season 4 (1975–1976)[]

Season 4 episodes
Image # in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
Maude ep. 4x1 - Walter wins award 70 1 "The Split" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais September 8, 1975  402
Maude has to choose whether or not to run for a seat in the New York state senate. Walter becomes jealous when he feels Maude isn't supporting him, and finally puts his foot down; he demands Maude either choose him or her new political career.
Maude ep. 4x2 - Consenting Adults 71 2 "Consenting Adults" Hal Cooper Karyl Geld Miller & Pamela Herbert Chais September 15, 1975 403
Maude feels bad about her argument with Walter, and she goes to his new apartment, where he took refuge after refusing to return to the house. Seeing his very mod bachelor pad insults Maude, as she hoped for a reconciliation. Maude and Walter ultimately decide to divorce.
Maude ep. 4x3 - Rumpus in the Rumpus Room 72 3 "Rumpus in the Rumpus Room" Hal Cooper Marilyn Suzanne Miller September 22, 1975 404
At Vivian and Arthur's 2nd anniversary party, Maude and Walter show up with separate dates; Maude arrives with a Senator (James Olson) while Walter arrives with a young woman (Bernadette Peters), which infuriates Maude. A vicious argument causes Walter to turn to the bottle once more. When Maude checks to see if Walter has arrived home safely, she finds him in bed with someone else.
Maude 4x4 - Maude's Big Decision 73 4 "Maude's Big Decision" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck September 29, 1975 405
Maude is more than relieved to find out that Walter was in bed with Arthur; they both passed out together after their night of partying. Maude finally decides to step down from the election if it means Walter will become sober again, but it is Walter who has the true change of heart and reconciles with Maude, giving her his full blessing about her role in politics.
Maude ep. 4x5 - The Election - on TV w. Senator Myers 74 5 "The Election (Season 4 episode)" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck October 6, 1975 406
Maude comes to the realization that she may lose the election for state senate, especially after a television interview in which she voices her liberal views about premarital sex is poorly received. She feels better knowing her marriage with Walter is intact again.
Maude ep. 4x6 - Mrs. Carlson tells Vivaian the cost for her dog's burial 75 6 "Viv's Dog" Hal Cooper Teleplay by: Charlie Hauck
Story by: Mike Milligan & Jay Moriarty
October 20, 1975 401
Vivian and Arthur go on holiday and leave Vivian's dog in the care of Maude. The dog passes away leaving Maude feeling guilty and unsure how to break the news to a distraught Vivian. Guest starring Teri Garr as Mrs. Carlson.
Maude Image Needed 76 7 "For the Love of Bert" Hal Cooper George Tibbles October 27, 1975 408
Mrs. Naugutuck has been making up various stories to persuade Maude and Bert to give her extra money.
Maude Image Needed 77 8 "The Fling" Hal Cooper Phil Sharp November 3, 1975 407
Vivian's ex-husband Chuck (William Redfield) comes back to town, wealthier and more charming than ever. Vivian falls under his spell, and Maude decides she must take action to prevent an affair between the two.
Maude Image Needed 78 9 "Maude Bares Her Soul" Hal Cooper Jay Folb November 10, 1975 409
A revealing psychoanalysis session helps Maude gather the missing pieces of her past so she can begin to understand the present. This episode is largely a solo piece for Beatrice Arthur.
Maude Image Needed 79 10 "Arthur's Medical Convention" Hal Cooper Phil Sharp November 17, 1975 410
Walter joins in on the practical joking fun at Arthur's medical convention, but it backfires on him when he's left tending to a heart attack victim.
Maude Image Needed 80 11 "Arthur Gets a Partner" Hal Cooper Phil Sharp November 24, 1975 412
Arthur desperately needs money to protect an investment, but, out of pride, he refuses to take an offer from Vivian.
Maude Image Needed 81 12 "Walter's Ethics" Hal Cooper Arthur Marx & Bob Fisher December 1, 1975 411
Walter has a chance to sell his store for a huge profit. Maude is pleased until she finds out that Walter has arranged a date between one of his employees and the married buyer (Robert Mandan).
Maude Image Needed 82 13 "Poor Albert"' Hal Cooper Fred S. Fox & Seaman Jacobs December 8, 1975 416
Maude receives the ashes of her long-suffering ex-husband, "Poor Albert," just as Walter's blowout Founder's Day sale approaches. As a result, she must debate whether to stay in Tuckahoe to support Walter during his sale, or drive to the mountains to fulfill Poor Albert's final request.
Maude Image Needed 83 14 "The Christmas Party" Hal Cooper Woody Kling December 22, 1976 415
With Christmas on the way, Walter has his annual office Christmas party at the house, however, he's worried that Maude's feminist friend, Stephanie, who goes out of her way to preach to everyone on women's rights, will put a damper on the festivities.
Maude Image Needed 84 15 "The Case of the Broken Punch Bowl" Hal Cooper Eliot Shoenman January 5, 1976 417
Maude's priceless crystal punch bowl is shattered at a party given by the Harmons, at which Carol and Mrs. Naugatuck were both present — but separating the truth from Arthur's, Vivian's, and Mrs. Naugatuck's perception of the truth proves a challenge. Until Carol arrives and reveals what really happened. Guest starring Lyle Waggoner as a party guest who (in various versions).
Maude Image Needed 85 16 "Walter's Stigma" Hal Cooper Jay Folb January 12, 1976 418
When Walter is falsely arrested for indecent exposure, Maude seeks to protect his reputation from a petty gossip columnist (Alice Ghostley)
Maude Image Needed 86 17 'Maude's Mood: Part 1" Hal Cooper Jay Folb January 26, 1976 413
Maude initiates a campaign to elect Henry Fonda the President of the United States, without even knowing whether Fonda is interested in the office. Walter speaks to a psychiatrist about the matter and learns Maude may be manic-depressive.
Maude Image Needed 87 18 "Maude's Mood: Part 2" Hal Cooper Jay Folb & Charlie Hauck February 2, 1976 414
Even though Henry Fonda categorically refuses to run for President, Maude persists in campaigning for his election, draining the family's energy and bank account in the process.
Maude Image Needed 88 19 "Tuckahoe Bicentennial" Hal Cooper Seaman Jacobs & Milton Pascal February 9, 1976 419
Maude stages a tribute to American women for the Tuckahoe Bicentennial celebration and all the men are convinced it is a money losing proposition. After seeing some of the practice performances, the man who owns the studio pulls out. However, it seems that all the men were wrong, soon the show is sold out.
Maude Image Needed 89 20 "Mrs. Naugatuck's Citizenship" Hal Cooper Jay Folb February 16, 1976 420
Mrs. Naugatuck has been studying to take her final exam to become a United States citizen. However, the day before the examination, she falls ill after suffering a minor stroke and is hospitalized, putting her chances of becoming a citizen in jeopardy.
Maude Image Needed 90 21 "Maude's Nephew" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck & Budd Grossman (story) February 23, 1976 421
Walter has become fed up with Maude's nephew, Steve (Jerry Houser), who has been staying with the Findlays. Steve's laid back lifestyle quickly begins to appear as a cover for his lack of responsibility, when his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend shows up at the front door with an announcement... she's pregnant.
Maude Image Needed 91 22 "Maude's Rejection" Hal Cooper Jay Folb March 1, 1976 423
Maude tries to ingratiate herself with an acerbic English writer (Clive Revill), but she fails to appreciate his honesty when he tells her he can't stand her.
Maude Image Needed 92 23 "Carol's Promotion" Hal Cooper Phil Sharp March 8, 1976 422
Carol is passed over for a promotion which she feels she could have gotten if she'd responded to her boss's advances. Maude goes to pieces when Carol sets up a date between the boss and herself.
Maude Image Needed 93 24 "Maude's Ex-Convict" Anthony Chickey Charlie Hauck March 15, 1976 424
Maude hires an ex-convict (Bob Balaban) to fill in for a vacationing Mrs. Naugutuck, confident she can integrate him back into society. However, her idealism fails her when she finds out he was convicted for murdering his old bosses.