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This episode guide lists all of the episodes aired in season four of Archie Bunker's Place during the 1982-83 television season, the final season of the series.

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Season 4: 1982–83[]

Season 4 episodes
Image No. in series Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date
Image Needed ABP 74 1 "Archie's Night Out" Nick Havinga Stephen A. Miller September 26, 1982
Archie reluctantly goes to a singles bar with Barney and Mr. Van Ranseleer, who picks up a lady.
Image Needed ABP 75 2 "Gary's Ex" Will Mackenzie Mark Fink October 3, 1982
Gary's ex-girlfriend visits and demands attention from him, upsetting Billie.
Image Needed ABP 76 3 "The Eyewitnesses" Gary Shimokawa Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg October 10, 1982
José and Raoul witness a mugging behind the restaurant but are afraid to come forward because they are illegal aliens.
Image Needed ABP 77 4 "Double Date" Joe Gannon Mara Lideks October 17, 1982
Archie won't let Stephanie go on a date, so Billie agrees to go along with Gary and make it a double date so Stephanie can go out.
Image Needed ABP 78 5 "From the Waldorf to Astoria" Gary Shimokawa Stephen Schneck & Marley Sims October 24, 1982
When José's artistic talents come out, they hold an art show in the bar.
Image Needed ABP 79 6 "Stay Out of My Briefs" Gary Shimokawa Alan Rosen & Fred Rubin October 31, 1982
Billie gets a job as Gary's new secretary.
Image Needed ABP 80 7 "Break a Leg, Stephanie" Linda Day Richard Freiman November 7, 1982
Stephanie hopes to attend an exclusive music school, but Archie is reluctant to let her do so.
Image Needed ABP 81 8 "Archie Gets a Head" Gary Shimokawa Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan November 21, 1982
Archie wants his own bathroom in the basement; the contractors are too expensive, so he hires José and Raul to do the job.
Image Needed ABP 82 9 "Barney Gets Laid Off" Linda Day David Angell November 28, 1982
Billie talks Archie into giving unemployed Barney a job at the bar, which they soon regret. Barney's employment at the bar soon turns into disaster, and Archie must find a way to tell Barney he's fired.
Image Needed ABP 83 10 "Marriage on the Rocks" Alan Myerson Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg December 12, 1982
Harry's wife kicks him out of the house, so Archie offers him his date.
Image Needed ABP 84 11 "Father Christmas" Gary Shimokawa Stephen A. Miller December 19, 1982
Billie is bitter when her estranged father comes for a Christmas visit, until she finds out the real reason her mother left.
Image Needed ABP 85 12 "Teacher's Pet" Joe Gannon Bob Rosenfarb December 26, 1982
Billie's philosophy teacher makes passes at her.
Image Needed ABP 86 13 "Captain Video" Alan Myerson Mark Fink, Stephen A. Miller, Stephen Schneck, & Marley Sims January 2, 1983
Lonely Barney enlists the help of a video dating service.
Image Needed ABP 87 14 "The Promotion" Nick Havinga Mara Lideks January 9, 1983
After using CPR to save his uncle's life, Gary is considered for partnership in the family law firm.
Image Needed ABP 88 15 "Three Women" Joe Gannon Lou Messina & Diane Messina Stanley January 16, 1983
Stephanie expresses her anger about the fact that her grandmother refuses to discuss her deceased mother.
Image Needed ABP 89 16 "Relief Bartender" Alan Bergmann David Angell, Alan Rosen, & Fred Rubin January 23, 1983
Archie reluctantly hires a woman bartender to help out Harry, but when he fires her unfairly, she files a discrimination lawsuit. Gary advises Archie to give her the job back.
Image Needed ABP 90 17 "The Red Herring" Gary Shimokawa Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg January 30, 1983
Archie is shocked and angered when he finds out his close friend, Mr. Van Ranseleer, may have been a member of the communist party.
Image Needed ABP 91 18 "The Boys' Night Out" Oz Scott Mark Fink February 13, 1983
The boys' night out for Archie, Barney and Harry could turn into one of the wrong kind once they get caught in a gay nightclub.
Image Needed ABP 92 19 "I Can Manage" Oz Scott Fred Rubin 20 February 1983
Archie falls hard for a woman he meets at a restaurant convention, unaware that she is married.
Image Needed ABP 93 20 "Store Wars" Carroll O'Connor & Gary Shimokawa Alan Rosen February 27, 1983
Murray returns to recoup his investment in the bar. Archie gives him a hard luck story, and Murray allows Archie six more months to get his share of the bar sold.
Image Needed ABP 94 21 "Bunker Madness" Linda Day Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg March 13, 1983
Stephanie is using marijuana to fit in with her friends. When Archie finds the drug in his basement, he hits the ceiling and Billie takes the blame for Stephanie. Stephanie tells Archie the truth when he finds some boys smoking upstairs in the bathroom at her party.
Image Needed ABP 95 22 "No One Said It Was Easy" Alan Rosen Joe Gannon March 27, 1983
When depressed Gary has a bout with alcoholism, Billie is torn about whether or not to continue her relationship with him.
Image Needed ABP 96 23 "Small Claims Court" Gary Shimokawa Stephen A. Miller March 28, 1983
Barney and Archie square off in court over a TV that Archie purchased from Barney at an electronics store and that Barney accidentally broke while installing at the bar.
Image Needed ABP 97 24 "I'm Torn Here" Gail Liberti-Kennedy Alan Rosen & Fred Rubin April 4, 1983
Gary is jealous when he learns his old school rival is dating his ex-girlfriend Billie. Gary tells her he would like to start dating her again, but she wants them to remain just friends.