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This guide lists all of the episodes aired in season 4 of All in the Family during the 1973-74 season. Sherman Hemsley made his first appearance as George Jefferson, Louise's husband and owner of Jefferson Cleaners, and Archie's chief nemisis on the issue of race, in the episode titled Henry's Farewell. In this episode George's brother, Henry Jefferson, played by Mel Stewart, was moving due to finding a new higher paying job elsewhere, in what would be Stewart's last All in the Family appearance.

Season 4 (1973-74)[]

Season 4 episodes
Image # in Series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
AITF 4x1 - We're Having a Heatwave - Archie and Henry meet Mr. Estrada 62 1 "We're Having a Heat Wave" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Don Nicholl September 15, 1973 403
Archie and next-door neighbor Henry Jefferson finally agree on something: They want to keep other ethnic groups out of the neighborhood. They disagree - and predictably, quarrel - about how to proceed.

Note: Episode features the first appearances of Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo and Vincent Gardenia as Frank Lorenzo.

AITF 4x2 - Were Still Having a Heatwave 63 2 "We're Still Having a Heat Wave" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Michael Ross and Bernie West September 22, 1973 404
During a heat wave in New York city, the Bunkers' new neighbors, Frank and Irene Lorenzo give Archie a new source of irritation, thanks to Irene's constant visits and Frank's incessant singing.
AITF 4x3 - Edith Finds an Old Man 64 3 "Edith Finds an Old Man" John Rich and Bob LaHendro 'Teleplay by: Michael Ross and Bernie West
Story by: Susan Harris
September 29, 1973 405
Archie finds a pajama-clad 82-year-old man in his living room, and demands an explanation. Edith makes friends with the old guy, named Justin Quigley, who turns out to have run away from the Sunshine Home. Archie becomes even more upset when Quigley is unable to contact his estranged daughter.

Note: Burt Mustin and Ruth McDevitt would appear in a few additional episodes as Justin Quigley and Josephine 'Jo' Nelson, during the following season.

AITF 4x4 - Archie and The Kiss 65 4 "Archie and the Kiss" John Rich & Bob LaHendro John Rappaport October 6, 1973 406
Irene gives Gloria a replica of Rodin's "The Kiss." Gloria loves the statue, but Archie – insisting that "a kiss is not just a kiss" – objects when he sees it because of his sensitivity to pornography. After Archie gets Frank to take the sculpture back, Gloria gives her father the silent treatment, leading to icy tension around the house.
4x5 - Archie the Gambler 66 5 "Archie the Gambler" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Teleplay by: Michael Ross & Bernie West
Story by: Steve Zacharias & Michael Leeson
October 13, 1973 401
When Archie starts showing up at home with expensive gifts, it causes the family to wonder where he got the extra cash, particularly given his modest pay at the dock. Everyone soon learns he's been placing bets on horses. What's worse: Archie had apparently never really gotten over the betting urge, which was (temporarily) resolved when Edith threatened to leave him 20 years earlier.
AITF 4x6 - George's Toast 67 6 "Henry's Farewell" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Developed by: Norman Lear
Written by: Don Nicholl
October 20, 1973 402
Edith plans a farewell reception for Henry Jefferson, who is moving away. Archie tries to be nice and bury the hatchet with his adversary, but is his usual self. But just when Archie think's he's finally getting rid of a black man who is just as strong-headed about disparaging the other's race as he is, in walks George Jefferson, the man who had long refused to set foot in Archie's house ... and hates whites even more.

Note: First appearance of Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson on the series. This is the only episode in which George and Henry appear together.

AITF 6x5 - Archie and the Computer 68 7 "Archie and the Computer" John Rich & Bob LaHendro Lloyd Turner, Gordon Mitchell & Don Nicholl October 27, 1973 407
The follies of computers: Edith gets a small fortune in quarters from a prune company after she sends in a box top to get a 25-cent rebate and the company's computer makes an error. This thrills Archie, but he is not as thrilled with computers when he is (mistakenly) declared dead by another computer.
AITF 4x8 - The Games Bunkers Play 69 8 "The Games Bunkers Play" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Teleplay by: Michael Ross and Bernie West
Story by: Susan Perkis Haven, Dan Klein, Michael Ross & Bernie West
November 3, 1973 408
Edith, the Stivics, Lionel Jefferson and the Lorenzos play an adult board game called Group Therapy, where they must share their real feelings and opinions about each other. During the game, Mike doesn't like what he learns about himself or how others really feel about him. When things aren't going his way, he childishly quits the game and rants about how Archie undeservedly has plenty of opportunities despite his bigotry. He cries on Edith's shoulder but surprisingly, Edith is unsympathetic. Instead, she offers Mike insight regarding Archie's insulting attitude toward him.
Image Needed 70 9 "Edith's Conversion" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Ray Taylor November 10, 1973 409
When Irene invites Edith to her Catholic church one Sunday (as a guest), Archie becomes worried that Irene will influence his wife into converting to Catholicism, especially when she brings evidence (some brochures from the church and a Catholic medallion) into the house. Edith assures Archie she has no such plans. Meanwhile, a hike in meat prices prompts Gloria to shop for horse meat.

Note: Father Majeski (Barnard Hughes, now sporting a mustache and beard), from episodes 20 and 44, appears.

Image Needed 71 10 "Archie in the Cellar" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Don Nicholl November 17, 1973 410
While the others are away for the weekend, Archie goes down to the cellar to relight the pilot light to his furnace. However, the door only locks on one side, and it's not the side Archie finds himself on. Trapped for the entire weekend, Archie entertains himself with a bottle of vodka and a tape recorder, in which he incoherently makes out his will.

Note: This episode was the inspiration for the 150th episode of the FOX-TV series Family Guy titled "Brian & Stewie".

Image Needed 72 11 "Black is the Color of My True Love's Wig" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Michael Morris November 24, 1973 411
Gloria buys a black wig and demonstrates it to Mike. He likes it so much that he gets sexually aroused. But what happens when she takes off the wig, now that Mike has seen her wearing it? With Gloria saying that she refuses to be the other woman in her own marriage, will this lead to Mike having to sleep on the couch?
Image Needed 73 12 "Second Honeymoon" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Teleplay by: Warren S. Murray, Michael Ross & Bernie West
Story by: Warren S. Murray
December 1, 1973 412
Edith tries ... and tries ... and tries to get Archie to be romantic on their 25th anniversary, which they observe with a sojourn to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Archie eventually gives in and tells his wife he truly loves her and holds her dear.
Ep 3x13 - The Taxi Caper 74 13 "The Taxi Caper" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Dennis Klein December 8, 1973 413
Archie is robbed at gunpoint while driving Munson's cab. Archie goes to the precinct and is about to finger the suspect, when a corrupt politician attempts to bribe Archie from pressing charges. Archie refuses to press charges..and ends up a loser!
Image Needed 75 14 "Archie is Cursed" John Rich and Bob LaHendro John Rappaport, Michael Ross & Bernie West December 15, 1973 414
It's Archie vs. Irene in a game of pool at Kelcy's Bar. The match is set up when Archie claims (without proof) that men are superior in all ways in all sports to women. Hurt by his claims, Irene immediately reveals her success in pool tournaments and demands a match to prove her point. Archie later tries to back out, claiming Frank "cursed" him by giving him a bad back (through a curse known as the malocchio or "evil eye") in time for the pool game.
Image Needed 76 15 "Edith's Christmas Story" John Rich Teleplay by: Austin & Irma Kalish and Don Nicholl
Story by: Austin & Irma Kalish
December 22, 1973 415
Just in time for Christmas, Edith reveals to Gloria a devastating secret: She has a lump in her breast, and worries she may need a mastectomy.
Image Needed 77 16 "Mike and Gloria Mix it Up" John Rich Michael Ross & Bernie West January 5, 1974 416
The roles in the Stivics' romantic relationship take center stage, when Mike begins to resent Gloria being the "aggressor" in their sex life as of late.
Image Needed 78 17 "Archie Feels Left Out" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Paul Lichtman, Howard Storm and Don Nicholl January 12, 1974 417
It's a surprise party for Archie on his 50th birthday, but his birth certificate may be the real shocker.
Image Needed 79 18 "Et Tu, Archie" John Rich and Bob LaHendro Mickey Rose & Lila Garrett January 26, 1974 418
Archie and his old friend, Joe Tucker, reunite after 18 years. The two catch up on old times, but the current news for Joe is not all that good. He's unemployed and by now desperate for any kind of work. He meets with Archie's boss, Mr. Prendergast, telling him he's willing to take any job offer available. Archie, fearing for his own job, tries to sandbag his friend, but all turns out well.

Note: Joe Tucker was played by actor Vic Tayback who, two years later, would gain fame for his portrayal of Mel on the long-running sitcom Alice.

Image Needed 80 19 "Gloria's Boyfriend" John Rich Bud Wiser and Don Nicholl February 2, 1974 419
Gloria's new friend is George, a mildly retarded stockboy at Ferguson's Market. While delivering groceries one day to the Bunkers, Archie keeps George at the house, asking him stupid questions and getting him to do things for his amusement. When George loses his job, George's father shows up at the Bunkers, demanding an explanation. Eventually, George shows he still has some savvy (not to mention abilities) by proving he can successfully seek and obtain work when he gets a new job.

Note: Features an early guest spot with Richard Masur as George Bushmill.

Image Needed 81 20 "Lionel's Engagement" John Rich Michael Ross and Bernie West February 9, 1974 420
The Bunkers are invited to Lionel's engagement to Jenny Willis, who comes from a mixed marriage: Her father, Tom (called Louis in this episode), is white while her mother, Helen, is black. This bothers Archie and really, really, really bothers George.

Notes:Zara Cully appears as Mother Olivia Jefferson, George's mother, a role she would resume when []The Jeffersons]] spun off into their own series the following year. Jenny's interracial parents, Louis (later renamed Tom in The Jeffersons pilot episode "Movin' On Up") and Helen Willis appear, but are played by different actors than would play the roles in The Jeffersons spinoff.

Image Needed 82 21 "Archie Eats and Runs" John Rich Paul Wayne and George Burditt February 16, 1974 421
Archie eats some mushrooms for lunch. Later, he learns those mushrooms may be part of a product recall because they were in a batch laced with bacteria. Despite Mike's urging, Archie decides he doesn't want to bother with taking the rest of the cans of mushrooms back to the store ... or worry himself with the fact he may have food poisoning.
Image Needed 83 22 "Gloria Sings the Blues" John Rich Michael Ross and Bernie West March 2, 1974 422
Gloria is depressed as of late, and her mood swings begin to take their toll on the family.
Image Needed 84 23 "Pay the Twenty Dollars" John Rich Robert L. Goodwin & Woody Kling March 9, 1974 424
George Jefferson demands to know why Archie paid him for his drycleaning with a counterfeit $20 bill.
Image Needed 85 24 "Mike's Graduation" John Rich Don Nicholl March 16, 1974 423
Four years of hard work and studying have paid off for Mike, who graduates with a teaching degree. Archie celebrates, but not only for Mike's milestone. Rather, it means Archie can soon see the light at the end of the tunnel ... a time when Mike will get a job and he and Gloria will finally move out of the house.