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The third season of Maude aired from September 9, 1974 to March 31, 1975 and consisted of 23 episodes.


Season 3 (1974–75)[]

Season 3 episodes
Image # in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
Maude episode 3x1 - Maude Meets the Duke 47 1 "Maude Meets The Duke" Hal Cooper Robert Hilliard, Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf September 9, 1974 306
John Wayne is making a new movie, and he is visiting Arthur in Tuckahoe as part of publicity; Arthur believes he is John Wayne's number one fan. The day looks like it's going to be ruined when Arthur and Vivian's roof caves in, but Arthur talks Maude into hosting the event, on the condition that Maude say a few choice words to the Duke about his views on feminism. When he does turn up, Maude is so starstruck that she forgets everything she wanted to say.
Maude Image Needed 48 2 "The Kiss" Hal Cooper Eliot Shoenman September 16, 1974 301
Maude believes Walter is going through a midlife crisis after Walter takes up smoking a pipe and wearing platform shoes. Vivian runs to Maude's crying over an argument she had with Arthur about her dog. What causes the most drama, however, is a kiss Walter shares with Vivian, angering Maude and Arthur.
Maude Image Needed 4 3 "Walter's Heart Attack" Hal Cooper Budd Grossman September 23, 1974 305
Walter misses a special dinner with Maude because he is trying to stop his bookkeeper (Jill Clayburgh) from killing herself due to her husband leaving her. However, while he is there, However, Walter has a heart attack and he ends up having much more than his health to worry about, when Maude discovers where he was. Maude believes he is having an affair, but later bites her tongue at the hospital while Walter recovers.
Maude Image Needed 50 4 "The New Housekeeper" Hal Cooper Bob Schiller & Kim Weiskopf September 30, 1974 302
Maude hires a new housekeeper from England, Nell Naugatuck. Maude and Mrs. Naugatuck get along well initially but clash when Mrs. Naugatuck insists on catering to Walter's every need since he is "master of the house," to Maude's disdain. First appearance by Hermione Baddeley as Mrs. Naugatuck.

Note: Conrad Bain and Rue McClanahan both do not appear in this episode.

Maude Image Needed 51 5 "Speed Trap" Hal Cooper Eliot Shoenman  October 7, 1974 308
Arthur and Walter go on a camping trip. Maude is upset with Walter's decision but quickly drowns her sorrows in food with Vivian. The men get in trouble as they are arrested for speeding in a well-known "speed trap" zone and they need the women to get them out of jail. Guest starring Héctor Elizondo as a cop.
Maude Image Needed 52 6 "Lovers in Common" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais October 14, 1974 307
While Arthur and Walter are out of town golfing, Maude and Vivian go out to a restaurant for drinks. They both have a secret to share: old flames sent them postcards announcing their imminent arrival in town. Upon seeing each other's postcards, they realize their "old flames" are in fact the same man, and they quickly get drunk while arguing over which woman he "really wants."
Maude Image Needed 53 7 "Walter's Dream" Hal Cooper Teleplay by: Dick Clair & Jenna McMahon
Story by: Ben Starr
October 21, 1974 304
Walter returns from a fishing trip in Canada with the news that he wants to move him and Maude up to Canada to live in the woods. Maude doesn't like the idea one bit and plays a trick of reverse psychology on Walter, which backfires when he tries to sell his appliance store.
Maude Image Needed 54 8 "A Night to Remember" Hal Cooper Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf November 4, 1974 309
Walter has business troubles on the mind late at night, and Maude makes it no easier with her own dilemma. Despite the stress Walter is feeling, Maude tells Walter that the doctor believes it be best for her to have a hysterectomy.
Maude Image Needed 55 9 "Last Tango in Tuckahoe" Hal Cooper Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf November 6, 1974 311
Mrs. Naugatuck is caught sneaking men into the house when Walter and Maude discover a man in her closet. Mrs. Naugatuck is highly offended and demands her right to privacy as part of her wages include room and board.
Maude Image Needed 56 10 "Vivian's Party" Hal Cooper Story by: Barbara Avedon & Barbara Corday
Teleplay by: Elliot Shoenman
November 18, 1974 303
Arthur tells Vivian on short notice that she has to prepare a dinner party for twelve guests. Vivian's maid quits on the spot, forcing Maude and Mrs. Naugatuck to help Vivian with her dinner. Hell hath no fury like Maude scorned when she finds out that she and Walter are not invited to Vivian's party!
Maude Image Needed 57 11 "Maude the Boss" Hal Cooper Story by: Lloyd Garver & Ken Hecht
Teleplay by: Rod Parker, Bob Schiller & Kim Weiskopf
November 25, 1974 310
Maude is promoted at her real estate agency. She is now working as office manager with three men who report to her. Two of the men don't have a problem with a female boss, but one does and tries to sabotage Maude at every turn. Guest starring Herb Edelman, over a decade before he'd regularly appear with Arthur and McClanahan on The Golden Girls as Arthur's ex-husband.
Maude Image Needed 58 12 "Maude's New Friend" Hal Cooper Rod Parker December 3, 1974 312
Maude makes friends with a well-known writer (Robert Mandan), who happens to be gay. Walter does not approve of Maude's friendship, and not because he's a man or because he's gay, but because Walter feels Maude's friend is very condescending to him. At the same time, Maude has to deal with the fact that she isn't as liberal as she thought when it comes to her preconceived notions of gay people.
Maude Image Needed 59 13 "Walter's Ex"' Hal Cooper Story by: Sybil Adelman & Barbara Gallagher
Telepley by: Eliot Shoenman
December 9, 1974 313
Maude and Walter may finally be able to take their dream trip to Japan, as Walter's ex-wife Marta (Carole Cook) has informed him that she will be remarrying, allowing Walter to stop with alimony payments. Maude's rich Uncle Henry has also announced that he will be remarrying. Walter and Maude realize Marta is going to be marrying Henry and, knowing Marta's history via Walter, immediately become concerned that she is only marrying him because she's a gold-digger.
Maude Image Needed 60 14 "Nostalgia Party" Hal Cooper Budd Grossman (teleplay), Michael Morris (teleplay/story) & Eliot Shoenman (teleplay) December 16, 1974 315
Maude thinks up a great idea for a New Year's party when she suggests that the guests dress up as "the best year of their lives." The party leads to an argument between the guests as to why their year is the best.
Maude Image Needed 61 15 "All Psyched Out" Hal Cooper Barbara Gallagher & Sybil Adelman January 6, 1975 314
A psychic tells Maude her fortune. Among other things, she tells Maude that she will remarry for the fifth time. When the other events in her fortune start coming true, she convinces herself the only way to stay married to Walter is to marry him again. Walter is not so thrilled with the idea. Guest starring Paul Benedict as a minister.
Maude Image Needed 62 16 "The Telethon" Hal Cooper Norm Liebmann January 20, 1975 316
Maude organizes a telethon which is raising money for no cause at all, as the charity Maude endorsed backed out at the last minute. It is up to Maude to think up a cause or charity while on the air, or else the station pulls the plug.
Maude Image Needed 63 17 'And Then There Were None" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck January 27, 1975 317
Carol announces her engagement to a man (Don Chastain) who will be divorcing his wife (Audra Lindley) "soon." Maude makes sure everyone knows she disapproves, which cause both Mrs. Naugatuck and Carol to protest Maude's overbearing ways, and they both move out
Maude Image Needed 64 18 "The Emergence of Vivian" Hal Cooper Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant February 3, 1975 318
Maude has gotten Vivian involved in the Congress of Women, and it is causing her to neglect dinner and the laundry, which Arthur hates. Arthur and Vivian get into a fight about her new hobby, and it's up to Vivian to balance her duties as wife and feminist and up to Arthur to stop expecting outdated notions of what a wife should be.
Maude Image Needed 65 19 "Mrs. Naugatuck in Love" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck February 10, 1975 319
Mrs. Naugatuck's behavior has changed, which makes everyone suspicious. They find out that she is in love, and they throw Mrs. Naugatuck a bridal shower when her special man asks her to marry him. At the shower, Mrs. Naugatuck receives news that the wedding is off, which humiliates and depresses her.
Maude Image Needed 66 20 "Walter's Pride" Hal Cooper Eliot Shoenman February 24, 1975 320
Walter needs $12,000 to bail the business out of the red; if he does not get the money within a week, he will have to file for bankruptcy. Despite Walter's insistence not to, Maude mortgages the house behind his back and then gives him the money to pay off his debt, which Walter does not want to do.
Maude Image Needed 67 21 "Walter Gets Religion" Hal Cooper Charlie Hauck March 3, 1975 321
Walter has found a new interest in church and makes Maude attend services with him. Maude is terribly bored at the prospect and falls asleep during the sermon. She finds out that Walter may really only be going to church because the people there want to buy appliances from him. Guest starring Graham Jarvis as Reverend Williamson.
Maude Image Needed 68 22 "The Cabin" Hal Cooper Budd Grossman March 10, 1975 322
Arthur and Vivian decide to go on a romantic retreat to a mountain cabin. Maude senses the chance to put some fire back into her own marriage and organizes her own vacation to the mountains with Walter. The weekend is less than what Maude hoped for, discouraging her.
Maude Image Needed 69 23 "Maude's Mother" Hal Cooper Budd Grossmann & Michael Morris
Teleplay by: Eliot Shoenman
March 31, 1975 323
Maude's mother (Audrey Christie) comes to visit for the first time since Maude married Walter. However, this is inconveniently timed as Walter's television ads for Findlay's Friendly Appliances start running, with Walter only wearing underclothes and a barrel, calling himself "Wow-ee Wally," which humors Maude's mother and mortifies Maude.