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This guide lists the episodes of Archie Bunker's Place which aired in season three during the 1981-82 season.

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Season 3: 1981–82[]

Season 3 episodes
Image No. in series Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date
Image Needed ABP 45 1 "Billie" Linda Day Patt Shea & Harriett Weiss October 4, 1981
Archie's niece Billie shows up with a story too sad for Archie to resist.
Image Needed ABP 46 2 "The Business Manager" Joe Gannon Mark Fink & Stephen A. Miller October 4, 1981
When the restaurant is in financial ruin due to Archie's lackluster business sense, his lawyer hires him a business manager, against Archie's strong objections.
Image Needed ABP 47 3 "The Date" Gary Shimokawa Alan Rosen & Fred Rubin October 11, 1981
Billie accepts a date with Archie's accountant to get under Archie's skin because of his over-protectiveness.
Image Needed ABP 48 4 "Norma Rae Bunker" Gary Shimokawa Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg October 18, 1981
In an effort to make a little extra money, Mrs. Canby gets a job from home folding clothes for a sweatshop. When she is cheated out of half her pay, Archie goes to bat for her.
Image Needed ABP 49 5 "Harry's Investment" Charlotte Brown Jeffrey Ferro, Bruce Gilbert & Fredric Weiss October 25, 1981
Archie wants Harry to buy back Murray's share of the bar. Both Harry's wife and Archie are upset to learn Harry invested in McFeeney's, a competitor (and topless) bar and grill.
Image Needed ABP 50 6 "Three's a Crowd" Linda Day Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg November 8, 1981
When Archie goes to dinner with Barney and his date, she has eyes for Archie instead. Archie feels the same way, but is hesitant so soon after losing Edith.
Image Needed ABP 51 7 "Happy Birthday, Stephanie" Gary Shimokawa Mark Fink & Stephen A. Miller November 15, 1981
Archie objects to Stephanie going to a rock concert after Billie gives her the tickets for her birthday.
Image Needed ABP 52 8 "Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 1" Joe Gannon Jeffrey Ferro & Fredric Weiss November 29, 1981
Tensions rise when Stephanie's father reappears in the days leading up to her Bat Mitzvah.
Image Needed ABP 53 9 "Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 2" Joe Gannon Jeffrey Ferro & Fredric Weiss December 6, 1981
Tensions reach a boiling point when Archie catches Stephanie's father stealing her Bat Mitzvah money.
Image Needed ABP 54 10 "Stephanie's Dance" Linda Day Mark Fink & Stephen A. Miller December 20, 1981
Archie must accept the fact that Stephanie is growing up when she attends her first school dance.
Image Needed ABP 55 11 "The Photo Contest" Joe Gannon Jeffrey Ferro & Fredric Weiss December 27, 1981
Stephanie enters some candid photos of Archie in a photography contest.
Image Needed ABP 56 12 "Stephanie's Tryout" Linda Day Jeffrey Ferro & Fredric Weiss January 10, 1982
Stephanie goes to a tryout in hopes of going to a music school.
Image Needed ABP 57 13 "The Night Visitor" Linda Day Andy Borowitz January 17, 1982
When he becomes homeless. Raoul spends nights in the storeroom, leading everyone to to believe they're the victims of petty thieves.
Image Needed ABP 58 14 "Reggie, 3; Archie, 0" Gary Shimokawa Alan Rose & Fred Rubin January 24, 1982
Archie buys a used pickup truck for the restaurant, and José backs it into Reggie Jackson's Rolls Royce.
Image Needed ABP 59 15 "Blind Man's Bluff" Joe Gannon Ron Allen Thompson, Patt Shea, & Harriett Weiss January 31, 1982
Blind Mr. Van Ranseleer is mugged by a customer at the bar who overhears Van Ranseleer is carrying a sum of money on him. It's now up to Archie and the staff to help him get out of his apartment when he becomes fearful of being attacked again.
Image Needed ABP 60 16 "A Blast from the Past" Gary Shimokawa Andy Borowitz February 7, 1982
Archie wants Billie to date her ex-boyfriend. Billie decides to use Gary as a way to turn her ex- boyfriend away, telling him she and Gary are dating.
Image Needed ABP 61 17 "Sex and the Single Parent" Linda Day Mark Fink, Jill Gordon, & Stephen A. Miller February 21, 1982
Old world Archie refuses to let Stephanie participate in her school's sex education program, until he overhears a conversation between Stephanie, Billie and one of Stephanie's friends.
Image Needed ABP 62 18 "Gloria Comes Home: Part 1" Carroll O'Connor & Gary Shimokawa Patt Shea & Harriett Weiss February 28, 1982
Gloria and Joey return home. Archie learns Gloria left Mike because he joined a commune in California, where he was living with other women. Gloria is determined to make it on her own.
Image Needed ABP 63 19 "Gloria Comes Home: Part 2" Carroll O'Connor & Gary Shimokawa Patt Shea & Harriett Weiss February 28, 1982
Archie has mixed emotions when Gloria announces she has found work as a veterinary assistant and will be moving into a place of her own.
Image Needed ABP 64 20 "Of Mice and Bunker" Nick Havinga Alan Rosen & Fred Rubin March 7, 1982
Archie takes on a new partner who has plans to squeeze Archie out of his ownership of the bar.
Image Needed ABP 65 21 "Relapse" Linda Day Patt Shea & Harriett Weiss March 14, 1982
Veronica's ex-husband returns and urges Veronica to start drinking again after a year of sobriety.
Image Needed ABP 66 22 "Love Is Hell" Gary Shimokawa Lewis Colick March 21, 1982
A boy Stephanie likes has a crush on her cousin Billie instead of her.
Image Needed ABP 67 23 "The Second Time Around" Gabrielle Beaumont Jeffrey Ferro & Fredric Weiss March 28, 1982
When Archie goes out to dinner with Barney and his new girlfriend, she winds up liking Archie instead.
Image Needed ABP 68 24 "West Side Astoria" Tony Singletary Andy Borowitz April 4, 1982
Katherine invites Archie to supper with her parents,which turns into a disaster when they meet prejudiced Archie.
Image Needed ABP 69 25 "Billie Moves Out" Gary Shimokawa Mark Fink & Stephen A. Miller April 25, 1982
Billie is tired of Archie over-protecting her so she moves in with a secret roommate — Gary Rabinowitz.
Image Needed ABP 70 26 "Rabinowitz's Brother" Linda Day Alan Rosen & Fred Rubin May 2, 1982
Archie fires Gary as his business manager, but soon learns to regret it when Gary is replaced by his brother Barry.
Image Needed ABP 71 27 "Death of a Lodger" Carroll O'Connor & Gary Shimokawa Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg May 9, 1982
Barney takes in a cranky and overbearing border to help pay some bills.
Image Needed ABP 72 28 "The Battle of Bunker III" Nick Havinga Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg May 16, 1982
Stephanie becomes very jealous as Archie's relationship with Katherine progresses.
Image Needed ABP 73 29 "Gloria: The First Day" Paul Bogart Joe Gannon, Patt Shea, & Harriett Weiss N/A

Archie appears at the beginning of this episode in which he drives Gloria and Joey to their new place. Gloria finds out she has a lot to learn to be a veterinary assistant, but Dr. Adams is willing to help her along.

Note: This episode was intended to be the pilot for the related series Gloria; originally unaired, it was later made part of the Archie Bunker's Place syndication package.