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The second season of Maude aired from September 11, 1973 to March 5, 1974 and consisted of 24 episodes.


Season 2 (1973–74)[]

Season 2 episodes
Image # in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.code
Maude Image Needed 23 1 "Walter's Problem: Part 1 Hal Cooper Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf September 11, 1973 203
A night of partying ends with many questions for Maude. How did Maude and Arthur end up in bed together? Why is her living room decimated? Who made a crank call to Maude's mother? The answer to the last question is Walter, and Carol's comment that Walter may have a drinking problem upsets him. Walter, who insists that he can drink with Maude anytime he wants, gets so drunk that he ruins Phillip's birthday cake, and after an argument, Walter slaps Maude across the face.
Maude Image Needed 24 2 "Walter's Problem: Part 2" Hal Cooper Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf September 18, 1973 204
Maude receives a black eye from the force of Walter's slap. Arthur sends over a reverend who is a recovering alcoholic to talk to Walter. A drunk Walter rebuffs everyone's pleas for help and finds the last bottle of alcohol in the house; Maude was nearly successful in clearing out the house earlier. When Maude and Walter have an argument, Carol announces that she is leaving with Phillip. Phillip telling Walter that he loves him breaks Walter; he throws the bottle of liquor through the kitchen window and asks for the reverend's help.
Maude Image Needed 25 3 "Walter's Holiday" Hal Cooper Budd Grossman September 25, 1973 202
Walter makes up a holiday called "National I Love You Day," hoping to have a romantic day alone with Maude. However, Vivian Cavender, recently divorced, comes over crying and Maude has to tend to her friend. With Walter's plans ruined, he takes out his frustrations at the gym with Arthur. Guest starring Johnny Brown as a salesman.
Maude Image Needed 26 4 "Maude's Facelift: Part 1" Hal Cooper Susan Harris October 2, 1973 207
Recently divorced, Maude's friend Vivian decides to get a facelift. Carol and Walter love the "new Vivian" but Maude has nothing but contempt for Vivian's decision. Vivian rightly deems Maude jealous; Maude then makes an appointment to get the procedure done, keeping it secret from Walter.
Maude Image Needed 27 5 "Maude's Facelift: Part 2" Hal Cooper Rod Parker October 9, 1973 208
Maude returns from Boston after a three-week "holiday," where she got her face lifted. Maude loves her facelift, but she quickly becomes angry when Walter, who didn't know she was going for a procedure, doesn't notice anything different about her face.
Maude Image Needed 28 6 "Florida's Affair" Hal Cooper Alan J. Levitt October 16, 1973 206
Florida doesn't know how to turn down the furnace repairman (Ron Glass) who has his eye on her. It causes problems between Florida and her husband Henry (John Amos) after Henry spies the repairman dancing with Florida. Maude and Walter would rather he finish work on their furnace.
Maude Image Needed 29 7 "Maude Takes a Job" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais October 23, 1973 201
Maude finally lands a job as a real estate agent. Walter quickly becomes resentful of Maude's new position because he misses her being home in the evenings and it interrupts his routine. He orders her to quit her new job.
Maude Image Needed 30 8 "The Double Standard" Hal Cooper Budd Grossmann October 30, 1973 205
Carol and her boyfriend Chris (Fred Grandy) return from a camping trip and Maude has a dilemma which flies in the face of her purported liberal leanings; should her daughter sleep in the same room as her boyfriend or should he sleep out in the guest room? To make matters more complicated, Carol and Chris announce their engagement.

Note: (A filmed episode was produced during the first season featuring a different actor portraying Carol's boyfriend. The episode was shelved for unknown reasons and slightly retooled and filmed for season two.).

Maude Image Needed 31 9 "Vivian's Problem" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais November 6, 1973 209
Maude is not hitting the right notes with Vivian when she fails in her matchmaking attempts for the divorcée. Vivian decides to date a 70-year-old retired general, and Maude is so convinced that she can do better that she fixes Vivian up with Arthur, whom Maude doesn't even like.
Maude Image Needed 32 10 "Maude's Musical" Hal Cooper Woody Kling Novmber 13, 1973 210
Maude is in charge of choreographing a charity musical to raise funds for a library. Arthur voices his objections to the skits as he feels Maude's burlesque theme is too daring. Maude has to decide whether she will do the musical Arthur's way or not at all.
Maude Image Needed 33 11 "The Will" Hal Cooper Leonard B. Kaufman (story), Jim Simmons (teleplay/story) & Albert E. Lewin (teleplay) November 27, 1973 211
Maude and Walter are about to accept a "husband and wife of the year" award until a drag-out fight occurs between the two, regarding Walter naming Arthur trustee in his will. Walter is forced to reconcile with obstinate Maude as she announces her intent not to go to the awards banquet.
Maude Image Needed 34 12 "Carol's Problem"
(a.k.a "The Wedding Gift")
Hal Cooper Budd Grossmann December 4, 1973 214
As Chris and Carol's wedding day approaches, Maude gives them their gift early; Maude has paid a down payment on a house. Everyone has a bone to pick with Maude when it is revealed that the house is a bit too close to home... just across the street!
Maude Image Needed 35 13 "Music Hath Charms"' Bill Hobin Gordon Mitchell & Lloyd Turner (teleplay/story)
Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf (teleplay)
December 11, 1973 212
Maude's gift-giving backfires again when she presents Walter with an electric organ as a present for their fifth wedding anniversary. Walter loves the gift, but he plays long and loud, annoying everyone. An argument leads Walter to drive off and crash his car into a tree; when he is unhurt, the house finds peace... temporarily. Later on, an argument over a past done steak, leads Maude and Walter to have a public fight in a restaurant.
Maude Image Needed 36 14 "The Office Party" Hal Cooper Woody Kling December 18, 1973 215
Walter hosts his workers at his house for a holiday party. They give him some startling news; they plan on forming a union. Walter is furious and plans on firing everyone in on the plan, but he has someone else to answer to: Maude.
Maude Image Needed 37 15 "The Love Birds" Hal Cooper Dick Wesson January 1, 1974 217
Vivian and Walter are fed up with Arthur and Maude constantly mentioning their late spouses. Arguments erupt between the two couples, but are eventually quelled. Vivian and Arthur announce to Maude and Walter that they are going to be married.
Maude Image Needed 38 16 "Maude's Guest" Hal Cooper Alan J. Levitt January 8, 1974 218
Maude houses a black teenage girl from the ghetto, Francie Potter (Tamu Blackwell). The teen shows her true colors, absolutely hating Maude's "liberal guilt complex" towards black people, and she makes life difficult for everyone in the house.
Maude Image Needed 39 17 'The Wallet" Hal Cooper Max Hodge, Budd Grossman (story) & Alan J. Levitt (story) January 15, 1974 213
Maude finds a wallet belonging to a man who is known for his marital indiscretions. Walter and Maude get into an argument after Walter lets it known that he believes a wallet to be private, which leads to Maude snooping around behind everyone's backs. A case of misunderstandings lead Maude to a woman she is convinced Walter is seeing on the side.
Maude Image Needed 40 18 "Maude's Revolt" Hal Cooper Teleplay by: Lila Garrett
Story by: Budd Grossman & Alan J. Levitt
January 22, 1974 220
Walter organizes a surprise birthday party for Maude, who is not handling aging well. Maude wants her birthday to go according to her plans, so she tells Walter to stay by her side and not to "go off with the men" to the other side of the room. When he strays from his promise, Maude leaves the party and locks herself in their bedroom. While Maude is sulking, Arthur yells, "FIRE!" which earns him a drenching from her.
Maude Image Needed 41 19 "The Commuter Station" Hal Cooper Woody Kling January 29, 1974 219
Maude convinces Arthur and Vivian to have a winter wedding in Vermont. As Maude, Walter and the soon-to-be marrieds take a train up from Tuckahoe, a blizzard strands them in a train station. Arthur is having cold feet about committing to Vivian, and Maude lets him know exactly how she feels. John Hillerman guest stars as a drunk.
Maude Image Needed 42 20 "Florida's Goodbye" Hal Cooper John Rappaport February 5, 1974 216
Florida's husband Henry receives a job promotion and Florida has decided to stay at home to be a housewife. Maude takes the news very hard, turning down every possible applicant for the position, and eventually has to come to terms with Florida's departure. Last appearance by Esther Rolle in the role of Florida Evans, as she was spun off into her own show, Good Times, that same week.
Maude Image Needed 43 21 "The Tax Audit" Hal Cooper Bernie Kahn February 12, 1974 221
Maude is in for a rude awakening as the man (Larry Haines) who conducts Walter's tax audit is the same man who attempted to rape her three decades before. Walter doesn't want to address the subject, forcing Maude to take matters into her own hands, giving the auditor a history lesson he won't forget. With this episode, Rue McClanahan becomes a regular and is listed in opening credits.
Maude Image Needed 44 22 "The Investment" Hal Cooper Eliot Shoenman February 19, 1974 223
Bad feelings abound when Arthur gives Walter a bad stock tip, causing him to lose $3,700. An inquiry into why Arthur didn't invest money in the stock himself causes bad blood not only between the two men but also between Maude and Vivian.
Maude Image Needed 45 23 "Phillip's Problem" Hal Cooper Budd Grossmann February 26, 1974 222
Phillip is going through behavioral problems, and Walter suggests the boy get a spanking. Maude is completely against the idea until Carol and Chris leave for a weekend vacation and she's stuck dealing with Phillip and his insolence.
Maude Image Needed 46 24 "The Runaway" Hal Cooper Alan J. Levitt & Budd Grossman Narch 5, 1974 224
Francie Potter (Tamu Blackwell), the teenage girl who stayed with Maude months before, returns with a fabrication about her father mistreating and abusing her, in the hopes that Maude will give her money to "escape him." In reality, she and her boyfriend simply want to run away together.