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This page lists all of the season two episodes of All in the Family aired during the 1971-72 television season. Beatrice Arthur, who appeared as Edith's outspoken, liberal cousin Maude early during the second season, made another appearance at season's end which would serve as the pilot introduction to the Findlay family, eventually spinning off into Norman Lear's first spinoff series of All in the Family, simply titled Maude.

Season review[]

Veteran entertainer/actor/singer Sammy Davis, Jr. would also make a guest appearance, which garnered lots of media attention internationally and high Nielsen ratings for his sarcastic "kiss" of Archie in the episode "Sammy's Visit".

Season 2 (1971-72)[]

Season 2 episodes
Image No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
AITF Episode 2x1 - Saga of Cousin Oscar 14 1 "The Saga of Cousin Oscar" John Rich Teleplay by: Burt Styler and Norman Lear
Story by: Burt Styler
September 18, 1971 202
Archie's freeloading cousin Oscar comes to stay with the Bunkers. Just as he is eating the Bunkers out of house and home, Oscar (who is never seen on camera) unexpectedly passes away. Archie and Mike are left to ponder their options on what to do with Oscar's body: have a funeral or simply dispose of it in a potter's field.
AITF 2x2 - Gloria Poses in the Nude 15 2 "Gloria Poses in the Nude" John Rich Michael Ross, Bernie West & Norman Lear September 25, 1971 201
Archie is less than thrilled when he learns Mike's artist friend (guest star David Soul) wants to paint Gloria au naturel.
AITF 2x3 - Archie in Jail 16 3 "Archie and the Lock-up" John Rich Teleplay by: Paul Wayne, Michael Ross & Bernie West
Story by: Paul Wayne
October 2, 1971 205
After inadvertently getting involved with a mob planning an anti-war protest Mike and Lionel had planned to attend, Archie finds himself in jail along with the people he despises most—"Pinkos", "commies" and "hippies".

Note: Allan Melvin appears playing police sergeant Paul Pulaski; he would eventually have a recurring role as Archie's best friend Barney Hefner.

AITF 2x4 - Edith Writes a Song 17 4 "Edith Writes a Song" John Rich Lee Kalcheim October 9, 1971 204
The Bunkers and Stivics arrive home and are greeted by burglars who are trying to elude the authorities. The Bunkers and the bad guys end up arguing over how the family's cash reserves should be spent: give it to the crooks, use it to buy an effective alarm system, or to sell Edith's new song.

Note: Cleavon Little (Blazing Saddles) and Demond Wilson ("Lamont" of Sanford and Son), guest-star in this episode.

AITF 2x5 - Flashback - Mike Meets Archie 18 5 "Flashback: Mike Meets Archie" John Rich Philip Mishkin and Rob Reiner October 16, 1971 203
The Bunkers and Stivics recall the tempestuous first meeting between Archie and Mike.
AITF 2x6 - The Election Story 19 6 "The Election Story" John Rich Michael Ross & Bernie West October 30, 1971 206
Archie and Mike quarrel over who is the best candidate in a local election.
AITF 2x7 - Edith's Accident 20 7 "Edith's Accident" John Rich Teleplay by: Michael Ross & Bernie West
Story by: Tom & Helen August
November 6, 1971 207
Due to an accident in a grocery store parking lot, a can of cling peaches in heavy syrup from Edith's shopping basket slightly damages someone's car.

Note: Barnard Hughes guest stars as Father Majeski; he would reprise his role in the episodes "Edith Flips Her Wig" and "Edith's Conversion").

AITF 2x8 - The Blockbuster 21 8 "The Blockbuster" John Rich Teleplay by: Michael Ross, Bernie West, Austin & Irma Kalish
Story by: Austin & Irma Kalish
November 13, 1971 209
A corrupt African-American real estate agent (Thalmus Rasulala) tempts Archie to sell his home at an inflated price.

Note: Lionel refers to the real estate agent as an "Oreo cookie."

AITF 2x9 - Mike's Problem 22 9 "Mike's Problem" John Rich (uncredited) Teleplay by: Alan J. Levitt and Philip Mishkin
Story by: Alan J. Levitt
November 20, 1971 210
Mike's anxiety over his upcoming exams puts pressure on the Stivics' sex life, so much that Mike becomes impotent. Gloria is left to deal with her husband's (temporary) impotency.
AITF 2x10 - The Insurance Is Canceled 23 10 "The Insurance Is Cancelled" John Rich Lee Kalcheim w/ Michael Ross & Bernie West November 27, 1971 210
Archie is enduring quite a bit of stress these days—he is told to reduce his workforce during cutbacks at the loading dock, at the same time he is told his homeowner's insurance policy has been cancelled.
AITF 2x11 - The Man in the Street 24 11 "The Man in the Street" John Rich Teleplay by: Don Nicholl and Paul Harrison & Lennie Weinrib
Story by: Paul Harrison & Lennie Weinrib
December 4, 1971 212
Archie is polled for a "man-on-the-street" question, and it is airing on "The CBS Evening News" with Walter Cronkite. Unfortunately, Archie does not have a working television set to see himself being interviewed.

Note: Episode features news footage of then-CBS White House Correspondent Dan Rather and President Richard Nixon.

AITF 2x12 - Cousin Maude's Visit (2) 25 12 "Cousin Maude's Visit" John Rich Teleplay by: Philip Mishkin, Michael Ross & Bernie West
Story by: Philip Mishkin
December 11, 1971 213
Gloria, Mike and Archie are all flu-ridden and running Edith ragged taking care of them. Adding insult to injury, a caretaker who backs Mike's liberal viewpoints is present: Edith's cousin, Maude.

Note: Beatrice Arthur makes her debut appearance as Maude Findlay.

AITF 2x13 - Christmas Day at the Bunkers 26 13 "Christmas Day at the Bunkers'" John Rich Don Nicholl December 18, 1971 211
Archie's depressed at Christmas, particularly since he has to find a way to tell his family he did not get the bonus he expected because his team bungled a work order.
AITF 2x14 - The Elevator Story 27 14 "The Elevator Story" John Rich Alan J. Levitt January 1, 1972 215
It is Edith's birthday, and the whole family plans to take her out to dinner. Archie makes a quick stop at the insurance agent's office first—but the elevator he is in suddenly stops, trapping him with a black businessman, a ditsy secretary, a Puerto Rican man, and his very pregnant wife.

Notes: Eileen Brennan, Roscoe Lee Browne, Hector Elizondo and Edith Diaz guest-star.

AITF 2x15 - Edith's Problem 28 15 "Edith's Problem" John Rich Teleplay by: Burt Styler
Story by: Burt Styler and Steve Zacharias
January 8, 1972 214
Edith tells Archie to "stifle, stifle, stifle!" when she goes through the early stages of menopause. Archie tries to be understanding, but just wants his wife to have her change of life so they can get on with their lives as usual.
AITF 2x16 - Archie and the FBI 29 16 "Archie and the FBI" John Rich Michael Ross, Bernie West & Susan Harris January 15, 1972 216
During a visit between Archie and his longtime friend/American Legion Post 3201 Commander Larry Grundy (Graham Jarvis), an FBI agent investigates both of them, in which their mutual paranoia causes a rift that may permanently damage the friendship.
AITF 2x17 - Mike's Mysterious son (4) 30 17 "Mike's Mysterious Son" John Rich Warren Murray January 22, 1972 218
Mike's ex-girlfriend shows up with a four-year-old boy in tow. She tells Edith that Mike is the father and wants him to claim the boy. Wanting to avoid a confrontation, Edith does her best to conceal the boy from Archie.

Note: Marcia Rodd appears as the role of the boy's mother. She would return later in the season as Maude Findlay's daughter.

AITF 2x18 - Archie Sees a Mugging 31 18 "Archie Sees a Mugging" John Rich Teleplay by: Philip Mishkin and Don Nicholl
Story by: Henry Garson
January 29, 1972 217
Archie witnesses a mugging and does not want to appear as a witness. During questioning, he makes up a story about gangsters doing the deed, resulting in a visit to Archie's house by a pair of men Archie believes to be from the Mafia.
AITF 2x19 - Archie and Edith Alone 32 19 "Archie and Edith, Alone" John Rich Teleplay by: Lee Kalcheim and Michael Ross & Bernie WestStory by: Tina & Les Pine February 5, 1972 219
Mike and Gloria take a vacation, leaving Archie and Edith by themselves and revealing the often uneasy marital relationship between Archie and Edith.
AITF 2x20 - Edith's Mink 33 20 "Edith Gets a Mink" John Rich Teleplay by: David Pollock, Elias Davis & Don Nicholl
Story by: David Pollock & Elias Davis
February 12, 1972 220
Edith gets a mink cape from her wealthy cousin, and Archie objects, demanding she return it. However when the cape is damaged by the cleaners, Archie does an about-face and schemes to keep the insurance check.
AITF 2x21 - Sammy's Kiss 34 21 "Sammy's Visit" John Rich Bill Dana February 19, 1972 221
Sammy Davis Jr. leaves a briefcase in Archie's taxicab, and needs to visit the Bunkers to retrieve it. Archie tries to be on his best behavior but winds up being himself. In the moment that made the episode, Sammy decides to pose for a picture with Archie, but kisses him on the cheek just as Munson trips the camera's shutter.

Note: O'Connor and Davis were longtime friends and when Davis expressed an interest in appearing on the show, O'Connor and Lear came up with the idea of having Davis as himself but doing most of his parts in ad lib form to make it more natural. The kiss at the end was O'Connor's idea. The unrestrained laughter was the longest in television history; it was cut short in the final print to allow Archie to say the last line on screen.

AITF 2x22 - Edith the Judge 35 22 "Edith the Judge" John Rich Lee Kalcheim February 26, 1972 222
At a coin-operated laundry, Archie breaks one of the machines, and the manager (Jack Weston) wants to collect damages. Edith reluctantly agrees to arbitrate the grievance lest it wind up in small claims court.
AITF 2x23 - Archie is Jealous 36 23 "Archie Is Jealous" John Rich Rod Parker March 5, 1972 223
Archie learns a secret from Edith's deep past between her and an old boyfriend.
AITF 2x24 - Maude 37 24 "Maude" John Rich Rod Parker March 12, 1972 224

Edith drags Archie along to Cousin Maude's daughter Carol's wedding in Tuckahoe.

Note: This was the pilot episode for the spinoff series Maude. In addition to Beatrice Arthur as Edith's cousin, Maude Findlay, the episode featured Bill Macy as Maude's husband Walter, while the part of Carol, in this episode, is played by Marcia Rodd.