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The first season of Maude aired from September 12, 1972 to March 20, 1973 and consisted of 22 episodes.


Season 1 (1972–73)[]

Season 1 episodes
Image # in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
Maude ep. 1x1 - Maude sees Dr. Stern 1 1 "Maude's Problem"
(also titled: "Maude and the Psychiatrist")
Robert H. Livingston Susan Silver September 12, 1972 102
Maude (Beatrice Arthur) is suspicious when she notices changes to her daughter Carol's (Adrienne Barbeau) mood. Initially thinking Carol is having an affair, Maude is surprised to learn she is actually seeing a psychiatrist, and that he has a few questions for Maude.
Muade ep. 1x2 - Doctor Doctor 2 2 "Doctor, Doctor" Bill Hobin Budd Grossman September 19, 1972 103
Carol's eight-year-old son Phillip (Brian Morrison) is caught playing doctor with next-door neighbor Arthur's (Conrad Bain) visiting granddaughter, Angela. Arthur insists that Phillip be punished for the act, while Carol and Maude believe it to be just simple young expression. This sparks an argument between Arthur and Maude on "the moral decay in our society".
Muade ep. 1x3 - Maude Meets Florida 3 3 "Maude Meets Florida" Robert H. Livingston Rod Parker & Walter Stone September 26, 1972 101
Forward-thinking Maude tries to prove her worth as a liberal by hiring a black maid, Florida Evans (Esther Rolle). In doing so, Maude overcompensates by going out of her way to treat her as an "equal," which Florida cannot stand. Maude's husband Walter is troubled to find Phillip swearing into a tape recorder and then playing it back.
Maude 1x4 Like Mother Like daughter 4 4 "Like Mother, Like Daughter" Bill Hobin Susan Harris October 3, 1972 104
Carol starts dating a man named Russell Asher (Cesare Danova) who once dumped her mother. While Maude does her best to warn Carol of his ways, Carol believes Maude is interfering too much in her life. However, a late night that went a bit too far, in which Russell calls Carol "Maude", proves that Maude was right.
Maude ep. 1x5 - Maude and the Radical 5 5 "Maude and the Radical" Bud Yorkin Budd Grossman & Eugene Pratt October 10, 1972 105
Maude organizes a fund-raising party for a black militant politician and invites all her rich white friends under false pretenses. Maude also tries to get black people to attend the party, but the best she can do is make Florida go to the event, calling her Florida DuBonnet. Then, during the party, Maude mixes Arthur's prescribed tranquilizers with alcohol, which causes her to reveal the fundraising part of the party, and causing her guests to leave.
Maude ep. 1x6 - Officer Cosgrove writes out ticket 6 6 "The Ticket" Bill Hobin Erik Tarloff October 17, 1972 109
Maude receives a speeding ticket that could result in the suspension of her driver's license. Despite having a connection to someone who can "fix" the ticket, she insists on protesting the citation even after the judge immediately dismisses her "fixed" ticket.
Maude ep. 1x7 - Love and Marriage 7 7 "Love and Marriage" Bill Hobin Ralph Goodman & Budd Grossman October 24, 1972 108
Tired of being 27 years old and raising her son while living with her mother, Carol believes her ticket out of the house is to get married to a man (Frank Aletter) she does not truly love. Meanwhile, Walter gets tired of Maude neglecting him, which leads to a dish-breaking fight in the kitchen.
Maude ep. 1x8 - Flashback 8 8 "Flashback" Bill Hobin Alan J. Levitt October 31, 1972 110
While Maude and Walter wait to see who won the presidential election, they reminisce about the same night four years before. Carol is going through a divorce and moving in with Maude, and Walter and Maude must make a decision either to marry or just cohabit.
Maude Image Needed 9 9 "Maude's Dilemma: Part 1" Bill Hobin Austin & Irma Kalish (story)
Susan Harris (teleplay)
November 14, 1972 106
At 47-years-old, Maude discovers she is pregnant and must figure out how to tell the news to Walter as she plays cards with neighbors Arthur and Vivian Cavender (Rue McClanahan).
Maude Image Needed 10 10 "Maude's Dilemma: Part 2" Bill Hobin Irma Kalish (story) & Susan Harris (teleplay) Novmber 21, 1972 107
Carol suggests that Maude should terminate the pregnancy now that the practice is legal in the state of New York. Maude cannot gauge Walter's reaction as he is publicly indifferent to the idea. After soul-searching and taking advice from Carol, Walter, Arthur and Vivian, Maude decides to terminate the pregnancy.
Maude Image Needed 11 11 "Maude's Reunion" Bill Hobin Alan J. Leavitt, Budd Grossman (teleplay) & Leo Rifkin (teleplay/story) November 28, 1972 112
Maude reunites with an old high school friend, Phyllis "Bunny" Nash (Barbara Rush), who was not a beauty when Maude knew her. She is horrified to learn that Ms. Nash is now a very attractive, single career woman, and it makes Maude resentful of her own position in life, especially when she bonds with Carol.
Maude Image Needed 12 12 "The Grass Story" Bill Hobin Arnold Kane & Gordon Farr December 5, 1972 113
Maude stands up for her principles when she hears of a teenager arrested for possession of marijuana. Maude convinces her rich liberal girlfriends to picket with her at the police station, and to get arrested themselves as a symbolic move when the police sees that they are also in possession of the drug. It proves to be a challenge for Maude to "score" some, but when she does, she and Walter fight over it.
Maude Image Needed 13 13 "The Slumlord"' Bill Hobin Marvin Kaplan (story) & Woody Kling (teleplay) December 19, 1972 111
Maude and Walter are labeled slumlords after they learn that they own a rundown apartment building and someone pickets the conditions on their front lawn. It leads to problems for Phillip and aggravation for Florida, who temporarily quits her job.
Maude ep. 1x14 - The Convention (5) 14 14 "The Convention" Hal Cooper Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf January 2, 1973 114
Maude accompanies Walter to an appliance convention in Massachusetts. They must share a room in a cheap motel after their reservations are mixed up at their first choice of hotel. At this inopportune time, Maude shares her feelings with Walter about the lack of meaning in her life and the difficulties she is facing in her quest for employment due to her gender. This leads to another fight between them.
Maude Image Needed 15 15 "Walter's 50th Birthday" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais (teleplay) & Maurice Richlin (story) January 23, 1973 115
Maude prepares a surprise birthday party for Walter, who is depressed about turning 50. Always the optimist, however, Maude brings over an old friend to cheer Walter up, but it leads to even more ruin when the friend shows up to the party and dies. Maude and Walter argue, with them throwing their respective suitcases through the bedroom windows.
Maude Image Needed 16 16 "Maude and the Medical Profession" Hal Cooper Alan J. Levitt (teleplay) & Lou Shaw (teleplay/story) January 30, 1973 116
Maude and Walter are all ready to take their second honeymoon to Rome. A tetanus shot Maude received as a prerequisite for travel gives her a rash, and when she encounters a busy doctor (Tom Bosley) who gives her medication without telling her correct dosage, her equilibrium becomes completely off balance, forcing both of them to cancel their trip. Out $800 for their deposit, they are enraged enough to sue the doctor for malpractice.
Maude Image Needed 17 17 'Arthur Moves In" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais (teleplay) & Norman & Harriet Belkin (story) February 6, 1973 117
Arthur quickly wears out his welcome with both Maude and Florida after he must move in due to fire damage at his house. After one demand too many, Maude insists that Walter tell Arthur to get out.
Maude Image Needed 18 18 "Florida's Problem" Hal Cooper Budd Grossman (teleplay) & Alan J. Levitt (story) February 13, 1973 118
Florida's husband Henry (John Amos) insists that she does not need to work, and after he starts a second job, he gives her an ultimatum to quit. When Maude hears of the news, Maude stands up for Florida's rights while Walter sides with Henry.
Maude Image Needed 19 19 "Walter's Secret" Hal Cooper Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf February 27, 1973 119
Carol catches Walter having a cozy drink with a much younger woman who used to work for him at his appliance business, Gladys Horton. Carol tells Maude, and fearing the worst, demands that Walter take his things and move out.
Maude Image Needed 20 20 "Maude's Good Deed" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais March 6, 1973 120
Maude's old friend Jane comes to visit, but the visit turns sour when Maude tries to reconcile Jane with her daughter Linda (Lee Lawson), who took her mother to court for her inheritance and later snags away Arthur, who Jane dated! The next day, Maude's final plan for peace goes completely awry.
Maude Image Needed 21 21 "The Perfect Marriage" Hal Cooper Bob Schiller & Bob Weiskopf March 13, 1973 121
Maude's best friend Vivian Cavender unexpectedly announces that she is getting a divorce, which shakes Maude as she believed Vivian's marriage to be completely perfect. It leads Maude to her own neuroses and second thoughts about her own marriage and how perfect it is.
Maude Image Needed 22 22 "Maude's Night Out" Hal Cooper Pamela Herbert Chais March 20, 1973 122
While getting ready for Cliff Naylor's party, Maude makes Walter jealous with the revelation that Cliff always checks Maude out. Walter responds by dropping a bomb on Maude: Cliff is cheating on his wife. Maude feels foolish that Cliff went after another woman and perhaps she is not as sexually attractive as she thought she was.