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This page lists all of the episodes of the first season of All in the Family, which premiered on January 14, 1971, as a mid-season replacement series during the 1970-71 TV season. It also shows the two previous unsold pilot episodes And Justice for ALL (1968) and Those Were the Days (1969), which were shot before CBS-TV agreed to pick up the project and retool the storyline and make it into a series.

Unaired pilots[]

Title Original Airdate
"Justice for All" 1968
"Those Were the Days" 1969

Season 1 (1971)[]

Season 1 episodes
Image # in Series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
AITF 1x1 - Meet the Bunkers (2) 1 1 "Meet the Bunkers" (series pilot) John Rich Norman Lear January 12, 1971 101
Archie (Carroll O'Connor) and Edith (Jean Stapleton) return home from church to find their daughter and son-in-law, Gloria (Sally Struthers) and Mike (Rob Reiner), have planned a surprise party. However, the proceedings break down into an argument between Archie and the "Meathead".
AITF 1x2 - Writing the President 2 2 "Writing the President" John Rich Teleplay by: Paul Harrison & Lennie Weinrib and Norman Lear
Story by: Lee Erwin & Fred Freiberger
January 19, 1971 102
Archie learns Mike has written President Nixon a letter critical of his policies. So Archie takes pen in hand and decides to praise Nixon.
AITF 1x3 - Archie's Aching Back 3 3 "Archie's Aching Back" John Rich Stanley Ralph Ross January 26, 1971 103
Archie is involved in a minor car accident but escapes injury. Just then, Lionel drops by with the family's dry cleaning. Seems his father recently opened a dry cleaning store with the settlement they received from their car accident. This gives Archie an idea—and a sudden back injury. He hires a Jewish attorney to represent him, but it soon becomes clear that Archie has no claim.

Note: This episode establishes George Jefferson's ownership of the Jefferson Dry Cleaners franchise.

AITF 1x4 - Archie Gives Blood 4 4 "Archie Gives Blood" John Rich Norman Lear February 2, 1971 105
Archie balks at the idea of giving blood, particularly since a radical liberal might be the recipient.
AITF 1x5 - Judging Books by Covers 5 5 "Judging Books by Covers" John Rich Burt Styler and Norman Lear February 9, 1971 104
Archie gets into an argument with Mike over one of his friends, whose clothing and demeanor are rather foppish. Archie says that the guy must be a homosexual, but even though he may be somewhat effeminate, he is not gay. However, Archie's in for quite a surprise when one of his drinking buddies, an ex-football player, reveals he is gay.

Guest stars:  Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer from General Hospital) and Philip Carey (Asa Buchanan from One Life To Live)

AITF 1x6 - Gloria has a Bellyful 6 6 "Gloria Has a Bellyful" John Rich Jerry Mayer February 16, 1971 106
Archie get irritated when he learns unemployed Mike has impregnated Gloria. The two get into another argument, prompting Archie to storm out. Eventually, Archie has a change of heart and buys his grandchild a big stuffed panda—only to learn that Gloria has suffered a miscarriage.
AITF 1x7 - Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit 7 7 "Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit" John Rich Story by: Philip Mishkin & Rob Reiner
Teleplay by: Philip Mishkin, Rob Reiner, Don Nicholl & Bryan Joseph
February 23, 1971 107
Despite Archie's objections, Mike invites his friends—an unmarried hippie couple—to spend the night in the Bunkers' living room. Eventually, their carrying on causes them to wear out their welcome, even with Mike and Gloria.
AITF 1x8 - Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood 8 8 "Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood" John Rich Don Nicholl & Bryan Joseph March 2, 1971 108
Archie learns that Mike's friend, Lionel Jefferson, is moving into the house next door with his family. Archie leads an effort to buy back the house, but unwittingly tells Lionel his plans. Lionel, explaining that his family is moving in next door, lists them as "my mother, my father, my aunt and me." However, subsequent episodes would establish that his uncle, not his aunt who would live with them.

Notes: This episode marks the first appearance of Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson; Vincent Gardenia appears as neighbor Jim Bowman. He would later play couple-swapper Curtis Rempley (along with Rue McClanahan), in a 1972 episode, and would have a recurring role as neighbor Frank Lorenzo during the 1973/74 season.

AITF 1x9 - Edith Has Jury Duty 9 9 "Edith Has Jury Duty" John Rich Teleplay by: Susan Harris and Don Nicholl & Bryan Joseph
Story by: Susan Harris
March 9, 1971 108
Edith is the lone holdout on a jury charged with determining the fate of a murder trial defendant, much to Archie's chagrin as he refuses to take care of himself during Edith's absence. Edith's jury roommate while sequestered is played by Doris Singleton.
AITF 1x10 - Archie is Worried about His Job 10 10 "Archie Is Worried About His Job" John Rich Teleplay by: Norman Lear and Don Nicholl & Bryan Joseph
Story by: William Bickley, Jr.
March 16, 1971 110
It is a sleepless night for the Bunkers, as Archie is worried about possible layoffs at the loading dock.

Note:Burt Mustin, who would later appear as Justin Quigley in numerous episodes in later seasons, guest stars as a security guard.

AITF 1x11 - Gloria Discovers Women's Lib 11 11 "Gloria Discovers Women's Lib" John Rich Norman Lear and Sandy Stern March 23, 1971 111
Gloria and Mike quarrel over the concept of equal partnership in their marriage.
AITF 1x12 - Success Story 12 12 "Success Story" John Rich Burt Styler March 30, 1971 112
Archie gathers his old Army buddies to help their former comrade celebrate his success in the used car trade.

Note:George Savalas and Len Lesser (later "Uncle Leo" on Seinfeld) guest star.

AITF 1x13 - The First and Last Supper 13 13 "The First and Last Supper" (season finale) John Rich Jerry Mayer April 6, 1971 113
Edith accepts an invitation for the Bunkers to have supper at the Jeffersons' house. Archie objects, and eventually, everyone settles on having supper at the Bunkers' house. But then, George Jefferson refuses to show up, sending his brother Henry in his place. It all leads to another high-pitched argument involving Archie.