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Sam and Jack
Sam and Jack
Robbers Sam (Louis Guss, left) and Jack (Art Metrano, right) in the Season 8 "AITF" episode "Super Bowl Sunday"
Personal Information
Gender: Both male
Dangerous robbers who wind up holding up the patrons at Archie's Place during Super Bowl Sunday
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Super Bowl Sunday" in Season 8
Character played by: Louis Guss (Sam) and Art Metrano (Jack)
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Sam and Jack were two average looking guys who rob the patrons at Archie's Place in Season 8 in the episode "Super Bowl Sunday", which aired right after the air of Super Bowl XII as lead-out programming. The parts of Sam and Jack were played by character actor Louis Guss (Sam) and comedian/actor Art Metrano (Jack).

About the robbers[]

Archie, who anticipated big business at Archie's Place on the day of Super Bowl XII, was correct in his assumption. The day of celebrating touchdowns and camaraderie with friends was cut dangerously short to the wishes of two customers, Sam and Jack, who, after leaving another bar in an unsuccesful attempt to rob that place, looked like everday Joes to Archie and the regulars at Archie's Place.

Little did they know that they were armed and dangerous crooks who would hold up everyone, stealing everyone's belongings and empty the cash register after having a couple of beers! The robbers even make the patrons count "One Mississippi, Two Mississippi"  and all of the guys drop their trousers (with the exception of Mike, who had on no underwear!) until they left the bar, and were out of sight!