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Reverend Chong
AITF 9x20 - Reverend Chong
Clyde Kusatsu as Rev. Chong in "Stephanie's Conversion" in Season 9 (ep.#20).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Nationality Chinese-American
Pastor, Protestant Minister
Replaced Reverend Felcher as lead pastor of the church where Edith worships
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: 3 in Seasons 6-9
Character played by: Clyde Kusatsu
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Reverend Chong was a character who appeared in three episodes of All in the Family; "Joey's Baptism" in Season 6 (#22), "The Stivics Go West" in Season 8 (#24), and "Stephanie's Conversion" in Season 9 (#20). The part of Rev. Chong is played in all three episodes by Clyde Kusatsu.

About Rev. Chong[]

Reverend Chong replaced Reverend Felcher (played by Will B. Able in the Season 2 opening episode "The Saga of Cousin Oscar") as the head pastor of the local community church which Edith Bunker regularly attends and is a member of.

In his first appearance in "Joey's Baptism", the Bunkers, namely Archie, who insisted that his grandson be baptized, try to take the child to Rev. Chong to be baptized, only to have him rebuff Archie, as he insisted that he wouldn't perform the baptism against the parents (Mike and Gloria's) wishes, as the two, who got off on the wrong foot in meeting each other, traded barbs in deliberately mispronouncing each other's last names (Archie called the reverend "Chang" as he was corrected "Chong", as he responded "Whatever!", as the reverend did the same in calling him "Mr. Binker" in response) in the process.

In "Stephanie's Conversion", Rev. Chong drops by to inform Edith that Stephanie, whom she had enrolled in the church's Sunday School, informed him that her late mother was Jewish, and that she was raised as such, as he still invites the Bunkers to allow her to continue attending Sunday School, but they opt to allow Stephanie to decide if she wants to or not.