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Ralph Silvestri
Silvestri and Archie
Ralph Silvestri, an Italian-American anti-defamation agency member, who turns out to also be a mobster, pays Archie a little visit in the "AITF" episode "Archie Sees a Mugging" in Season 2.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Anti-Italian American defamation leauge member/Mobster
One of two mobsters who visits Archie to try to get him to recant the actual account of what he saw when the two acost and attack a grocer neighbor of the Bunkers, in looking for another Mobster
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie Sees a Mugging" (Season 2)
Character played by: Val Bisoglio
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Ralph Silvestri was an Italian-American Anti-Defamation agency member and suspected Mafia member who pays a visit to the Bunker home in the Season 2 episode "Archie Sees a Mugging". The part of Silvestri is played by veteran character actor Val Biosoglio.

About Silvestri[]

When Archie witnesses the mugging of grocer Tony Vicino (Jack Somack), he tells the police an account which differs from Tony's. When Sgt. Perkins stops by the Bunker home to get the full story of the incident, Archie, who is arguing with Tony over the account he gave the police, confuses him for a mobster type due to the dark suit, sunglasses and Fedora hat that he wears.

When supposed Italian-American Anti Defamation Leauge member Silvestri arrives, whom Archie had been expecting, and Perkins is finally able to introduce himself as the police detective, Archie gets into a real predicament, as Silvestri is revealed as one of the two mobsters he saw! When Silvestri arrives, and Archie asks Perkins "Well, who are you?", he reveals himself; Archie attempts to get Perkins, who had to return to work at the police station, and couldn't stay long, to stay after it is clearly revealed that this "Silvestri" character had an ulterior motive in hand in visting the Mob-fearing Archie! After Perkins leaves, Silvestri manages to intimidate Archie into denying he saw anything when he was to see Perkins the next day at the police precinct station!