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"Prisoner in the House"
Season 5, episode # 16
# 100 overall in series (209 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date January 4, 1975
Production code 517 (5x17)
Teleplay by: Bud Wiser, Lou Derman & Bill Davenport
Story by: Bud Wiser
Directed by: H. Wesley Kenney
Guest starring: Sidney Clute
Cliff Osmond
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Prisoner in the House is the 16th episode of the fifth season and the 100th credited overall episode of All in the Family. The Season 5 episode first aired on CBS-TV on January 4, 1975. Written by Bud Wiser, Lou Derman and Bill Davenport from a story by Wiser, it was directed by H. Wesley Kenney.

"Prisoner in the House"
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Archie is dismayed to learn that the plumber who is doing work in his home has employed a furloughed prisoner from Sing-Sing.

Episode summary[]

Archie and Edith are having a problem with their plumbing so they call of friend of theirs, Mr. Strinksi, a plumber. who brings an assistant named Nick Howard. While Archie is at work, the assistant tells Edith that he is a convict on a work furlough. Edith is okay with it, but she is afraid of what Archie may think. Eventually, he finds out and spreads the news all over Kelcy's bar. The plumber decides not to finish the job and that he can't use the assistant anymore. Edith encourages him not to give up.

Cast (in credits order)[]

Main cast[]

Guest starring[]

  • Sidney Clute as Mr. Strinski
  • Cliff Osmond as Nick Howard

Recurring cast/characters[]

None appear in this episode.

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