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Pinky Peterson
Pinky Peterson
Eugene Roche appears as Archie's practical-joking lodge buddy and friend Pinky in three episodes of All in the Family.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Lodge buddy of Archie's who had Christmas dinner with the Bunkers when Mike invited David Brewster, a friend of his who dodged the draft when Pinky's son was killed in the Vietnam War
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Character played by: Eugene Roche
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Pinky Peterson was a practical jokester, one of Archie Bunker's buddies, and fellow lodge member on the hit CBS-TV series All in the Family. Played by veteran character actor Eugene Roche, Pinky appeared in three episodes, beginning with the episode "Beverly Rides Again", where he sought to turn the tables on Archie, who tried to fool him into going on a dinner date with a female impersonator named Beverly LaSalle (Lori Shannon), who Pinky recognized from a dinner theatre where he saw him perform in.

The Draft Dodger[]

In a memorable Christmas Day episode titled "The Draft Dodger" (episode #146 in Season 7), in his second series appearance, Pinky, whose son was killed in the Vietnam War, has Christmas dinner with the Bunkers, and an acquaintance of Gloria and Mike (David Brewster, played by actor Renny Temple), who was a draft evader living in Canada, at the time. Archie angrily confronted David over this and treated him harshly. Pinky calmly and respectfully disagreed with Archie's opinion, and defended David and said he would be honored to have dinner with him, as would have his son, were he still alive.

Pinky's final appearance[]

Pinky would appear in one more episode, "Archie's Other Wife", where Pinky, along with several other of Archie's logde buddies, proceed to get Archie drunk at a lodge party, and persuade a lovely young black date (Jonelle Allen) of one of fellow lodge members to get into bed with a passed out Archie, to lead him to think he cheated on his wife by sleeping with her, to the amusement of Pinky and the guys!!