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"Phillip and Sam"
Season 6, episode # 2
# 119 overall in series (141 episodes)
"Maude" episode
Series: Maude
Network/Country: CBS-TV / U.S.
Air date September 19, 1977
Production code 602 (6x2)
Written by: Pamela Herbert Chais
Directed by: Hal Cooper
Guest starring: Jack Dodson
Kraig Metzinger
Darian Mathias
Darryl Hickman
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Phillip and Sam was the second episode of Season 6 of  Maude, and the 119th overall episode in the series. Directed by Hal Cooper, the episode, which was written by Pamela Herbert Chais, originally aired on CBS-TV on September 19, 1977.

"Phillip and Sam"
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Maude's new-fashioned ideas are put to the test when Phillip invites a female friend to spend the night.


Maude and Carol have a 'fun' time trying to explain to Phillip that Carol's 'business trip' with her latest boyfriend really is a romantic rendezvous. Meanwhile, Phillip has some explaining to do himself when Maude invites Phillip's male "friend" Sam to spend the night, which puts her liberalism to the test when she discovers Sam is a female.

Did You Know?[]


  • The episode marks the first series appearance of Kraig Metzinger as Phillip, and also the first appearance of Darian Mathias as Sam Harper.

Cast (in Credits Order)[]

Main Cast[]

Guest Stars/Recurring Cast[]

  • Jack Dodson as Reverend Harper
  • Kraig Metzinger as Phillip Traynor, Carol's son
  • Darian Mathias as Sam Harper
  • Darryl Hickman as Andy

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