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Officer Cosgrove cites Maude for speeding

Officer Cosgrove
Maude ep. 1x6 - Jon korkes as Officer Cosgrove
Officer Cosgrove being questioned in Maude's trial in traffic court in "The Ticket" in Season 1 (ep.#6).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Traffic Cop
gets summoned to testify in traffic court after he cited Maude for speeding
Character information
Appeared on: Maude (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "The Ticket" (Season 1)
Character played by: Jon Korkes
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Officer Cosgrove appeared in the Season 1 episode titled "The Ticket" (#6). The part of Officer Cosgrove is played by Jon Korkes, who also guest stars on All in the Family as FBI Agent Bradford in the Season 2 episode titled "Archie and the FBI" (#16, #29 overall).

About Officer Cosgrove[]

Returning home from shopping, Maude gets pulled over by Officer Cosgrove for speeding 34 miles in a 30 mph zone. At first, Maude adamantly refuses to believe she was speeding at all, tried to smooth things over with the youthful looking Cosgrove (she tells him he has "pussycat" face) to try to get him to tear up the ticket, as she offers him some milk and cake, as he had followed her home, but to no avail, as she insists to fight the ticket in traffic court, this after he informs her of her right to contest it.

Arthur, who said he had connections with a judge in the traffic court that could get her speeding ticket "fixed", and also after both Walter and Florida insisted that she do so, is able to, and that's what happens as the presiding judge, Judge Motorman (vincent Gardenia), who's accquianted with the "connection", a friend of a friend Arthur's who knows him, dismisses the case as a favor to the "friend" of Arthur's friend.