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Dorothy Winslow, RN
Nurse Winslow
Nurse Winslow (Barbara Cason) in the Season 5 All in the Family episode "Birth of the Baby:Part 2".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Registered nurse and clerk Presbetryian Hospital, Queens, NY
Admissions clerk at hospital where a pregant Gloria

was sent to when she goes into labor while out at a restaurant with Edith

Related to: Nurse Bernice (sister)
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Character played by: Barbara Cason
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Nurse Dorothy Winslow worked at Presbyterian Hospital, where a pregnant Gloria was sent to after going in labor while at a restaurant with Edith and Mike while Archie was at a lodge "minstrel show" in the Season 5 episode of All in the Family titled "Birth of the Baby:Part 2". The part of Nurse Winslow was played by actress Barbara Cason, who also appeared as politician Claire Packer in the episode "The Election Story" in Season 2 and then as Miss Critchen, who worked at the Sunshine Home where Edith volunteered in the Season 9 episode "Edith Gets Fired".

About Nurse Winslow[]

Nurse Winslow was the hospital admissions clerk where Gloria and Mike were supposed to meet Edith. When Edith arrives to see if Gloria and Mike had arrived, the nurse, who was on the phone with her sister Bernice (played by Priscilla Morrill), who also worked in the hospital, could not find Gloria listed, for hadn't arrived yet.

When Archie arrives moments later, in blackface and tuxedo for his lodge's minstrel show, he rudely interrupts Nurse Winslow's phone call by pressing the receiver button, telling her "You are off the phone — right now!"

When the Stivics finally arrive, Gloria, amused at Archie in blackface, explodes in laughter at his appearance; everybody -- except Archie -- Gloria, the Stivics as well as the Nurse began laughing uncontrollably!

Nurse Dorothy apparently was involved in an affair with Dr. Rustin; while phone calling him, she tells him that he "can't come over to the house tonight, and that he would have to stay with his wife", due to her sister Bernice, who was going to be at home that evening.