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"New Year's Wedding"
Season 6, episode # 16
# 124 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV/USA
Air date January 5, 1976
Production code 615 (6x16)
Written by: Lou Derman, Bill Davenport, Milt Josefsberg & Ben Starr
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Bibi Osterwald
Billy Crystal
Ellott Reid
Joan Copeland
Elaine Princi
Michael Mann
Joe Bratcher
Nancy Stephens
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New Years was the 16th episode from the sixth season of All in the Family; it was also the 124th overall series episode. Co-written by Lou Derman, Bill Davenport, Milt Josefsberg and Ben Starr, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, first aired on CBS-TV on January 5, 1976.

"New Year's Wedding"
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Mike and Gloria are getting ready for the wedding of their best friends Al and Trudy, but their excitement over the occasion is eclipsed by Gloria's frustrations that Mike is not taking her feelings seriously.


In the wake of the birth of little Joey, Gloria and Michael are at odds with one another over communication issues. Gloria is upset because Michael keeps making big and little decisions without consulting her despite the fact that their marriage is suppose to be an equal partnership. The crux of their argument is over plans for their friends who are getting married before the year ends. Problems with the arrangements cause them to lose their original location and so it is suggested that they have it in the Stivic's living room. Mike comes to understand why Gloria is upset when she re-writes the speech he was suppose to make as best man.


  • Both Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton do not appear in this episode (a first for Stapleton). Billy Crystal also guest stars, in his very first television series appearance.

Cast (in credits order)[]

Main cast[]

Guest stars/Recurring cast[]

  • Bibi Osterwald as Mrs. Henshaw
  • Billy Crystal as Al Bender
  • Ellott Reid as Harold Tannen
  • Joan Copeland as Elizabeth Tannen
  • Elaine Princi as Trudy Tannen
  • Michael Mann as Reverend Harris
  • Joe Bratcher as Jack
  • Nancy Stephens as Anita

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