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"Murray and the Liquor Board"
Season 1, episode # 9
# 9 overall in series (97 episodes)
"Archie Bunker's Place" episode
Series: Archie Bunker's Place
Network/Country: CBS-TV / U.S.
Air date November 11, 1979
Production code 1x9
Written by: Patt Shea & Harriet Weiss
Directed by: Dick Martin
Guest starring: Rob Reiner
Sally Struthers
Dick Billingsley
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Murray and the Liquor Board was the ninth episode of Season 1 of the Archie Bunker's Place TV series and also the 9th overall episode in the series. Directed by Dick Martin, the episode, which was written by Patt Shea and Harriet Weiss, originally aired on CBS-TV on November 11, 1979.

"Murray and the Liquor Board"
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A felony conviction in Murray's past hinders their chances to secure a liquor license.


In a protest march against the use of napalm in Vietnam, Murray punched a cop. Although it has been pardoned, his "criminal record" may cost the bar its liquor license.

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Main Cast[]

Guest Stars/Recurring Cast[]

  • Kenneth Kimmins as John Henderson
  • Helen Page Camp as Miss Gucci

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