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Mr. Whitehead
Jack Grimes as Mr. Whitehead
Jack Grimes as Mr. Whitehead in "The Saga of Cousin OScar" in Season 2 of AITF
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Mortician and co-owner, Whitehead Brothers Funerl Home
Ever eager to make another sale, tries to explain the cost of a proper burial of his Cousin Oscar to Archie, who is beside himself when he tells him it would come to $325
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "The Saga of Cousin Oscar" (Season 2)
"Archie and the Computer" (Season 4)
Character played by: Jack Grimes
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Mr. Whitehead, co-owner of the Whitehead Brothers Mortuary, made two appearances on All in the Family, first in the Season 2 episode "The Saga of Cousin Oscar", and then in "Archie and the Computer" in Season 4. The part of Mr. Whitehead is played in both episodes by veteran character and voice actor Jack Grimes.

About Mr. Whitehead[]

In his first appearance in "The Saga of Cousin Oscar", Archie complains about the cost that it will be to bury and provide a proper headstone for his recently departed cousin, who died in the upstairs bedroom where he was sleeping, as he constantly asks, "How Much!?" as Whitehead, who's known Archie for 13 years, and is also a lodge brother of his, being ever eager to accommodate to a new customer, tries to make his sales pitch "First and foremost, Whitehead Brothers wants to create a beautiful And lasting memory picture of the loved one." When he says the total would be $325.

When Archie asks one of his neighbors Jimmy McNab, who came to offer his condolences, the cost for Whitehead to prepare his father's funeral a year earlier and he says it costed him $925, Archie is beside himself as he asks, "Are you telling me that McNab laid out that much for a funeral, huh?" Whitehead then tries to explain "The important thing is when you walk away from that cemetery After a whitehead funeral, you're going to be able to hold your head up high!"

In his appearance in "Archie and the Computer" in Season 4, Whitehead, in thinking that Archie has died due to a computer mixup at his job and with Social Security, drops by the Bunkers to offer his condolences, not to mention his "services", as Edith has to explain to him that Archie is alive and well, as he can't resist trying to make a sale for a funeral lot for his lodge buddy!