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Mr. Levy
AITF 2x11 - Daniel J. Schwartz as TV repairman Levy
Daniel J. Schwartz as Mr. Levy
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Nationality American/Jewish
TV Repairman
insists to Archie that can't fix the TV because it's after 5:30pm on Friday, due to observance of the Sabbath, as he claims it goes against his religion to work on the Sabbath
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "The Man in the Street" in Season 2
Character played by: Neil J. Schwartz
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Mr. Levy was a character who appeared in the Season 2 episode of All in the Family titled "The Man in the Street" (#11). The part of Mr. Levy was played by Neil J. Schwartz.

About Mr. Levy[]

When the Bunkers' TV set goes on the fritz, an anxious Archie, who was eagerly waiting to see himself on national TV, on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, as one of a number of people polled in a series of "man-in-the-street" mini interviews where he was questioned, he tries to enlist Mr. Levy, a repairman who refuses to work after sundown on Fridays due to observance of the Sabbath, as it goes against his religion to work on the Sabbath.

When Levy insists that he can only repair the TV on Monday, if Archie is willing to wait, it's still not good enough for Archie, as he tries to insist, "Look, do the job now. Say three "Hail, Moseses" tomorrow!" as Levy responds with an old Jewish saying; which was presumably an insult or "curse" in Yiddish; when Archie asks, "What the hell does that mean!?", Levy responds "You'll never know, but believe me, I got even!"