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Mr. Bushmill
Mr. Bushmill
Mr. Bushmill (Joseph Mascolo) was the father of George, a mentally impaired friend of Gloria and a stockboy/bagger at Ferguson's Market who then lands a job at the loading dock where Archie works in the episode titled "Gloria's Boyfriend" in Season 4 of All in the Family.



Character played by

Joseph Mascolo

AITF appearance

in the episode "Gloria's Boyfriend" in Season 4

Related to

George Bushmill (anoxia son)

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Pat Bushmill was the father of George Bushmill (Richard Masur), a mentally impaired friend of Gloria and Mike, and a stock boy at Ferguson's Market, who then eventually lands a job at the Pendergast Tool & Die where Archie works in the fourth season episode titled "Gloria's Boyfriend". The character of Mr. Bushmill was played by veteran character actor Joseph Mascolo.


Pat is a devoted father who cares for his son. George, who became mentally impaired after getting anoxia at birth, strives hard to prove that he can do anything as well as anyone else, and be a capable employee, if given a fair chance. Thus, to that end, after he is fired after Archie encourages him to take a mid-day break and not return on time. George disappeared when Archie told Gloria and Michael in front of his face "I know how to talk to a D-U-M-M-Y." George's father, Pat calls and then drops by the Bunker home because he was worried about George, who has gone all afternoon and did not come home. Pat, who is used to George being bullied, accuses employers of "waiting for an excuse to rid of kids like my boy." He also doesn't call the police, as he believed that George would keep his word to "show" the Bunkers something. George later returns to the Bunker house, and Pat finds out that George, who tells his father he fired after he returned to Ferguson's late, was able to get another job working at the loading docks, the type of job Archie had at the time, much to the delightful surprise of his father, Gloria, Mike and Edith, but to the confused bewilderment of Archie!