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Miss Critchen
Miss Critchen and Edith
Miss Critchen (Barbara Cason), with Edith in Scene from "Edith Gets Fired" in Season 9 of All in the Family'
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Nurse at the Sunshine Home where Edith volunteers
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Edith Gets Fired" in Season 9
Character played by: Barbara Cason
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Miss Critchen was a nurse at the Sunshine Home where Edith volunteered her time on All in the Family. She appears in the Season 9 episode "Edith Gets Fired". The part of Miss Critchen is played by character actress Barbara Cason, who also appeared in two other earlier episodes of the series, first as Congressional candidate Claire Packer in the Season 2 episode "The Election Story", then as Nurse Dorothy Winslow in the Season 5 episode "Birth of the Baby (Part 2)".

About Miss Critchen[]

Edith, who was in the company of a terminally ill woman as she died at the Sunshine Home, gets defended by Miss Critchen, who, at the request of the woman, allowed Edith to be alone with her in her room, at hearing to determine if she could remain a volunteer at the home, Edith honored the woman's wish to "die with dignity," and she did nothing to alert the on-duty nurses after she lost consciousness. The woman's family complained, most namely the patient's son-in-law, Charlie Hammer and Edith was let go, in spite of Miss Critchen's staunt defense of Edith.