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Mildred "Boom Boom" Turner
Boom Boom Gloria Mike
Boom Boom Turner (Gloria Leroy, center) Gloria (Sally Struthers, left) and Mike (Rob Reiner) in scene from the episode "Where's Archie: Part 2".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Dock worker at Pendergast Tool & Die/Part-Time Waitress
Blonde Buxom, middle-aged waitress at Kelsey's, then Archie's Place who got her name unwittingly from Archie and Stretch Cunningham when they worked together on the loading dock for when she walked by her assets supposedly went "Boom Boom" as they always joked
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: 4 in 4 seasons
"Archie is Missing" (Season 4)
"Where's Archie?" (Season 4) "Reunion on Hauser Street" (Season 7)
"Super Bowl Sunday" (Season 8)
Character played by: Gloria LeRoy
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Mildred "Boom Boom" Turner was a middle-aged, buxom, sexy blonde waitress at Kelsey's/Archie Bunker's Place in seasons 4-8 of All in the Family, first appearing in the episodes "Archie is Missing" and "Where's Archie?" in Season 4 and then in the Season 7 episode titled "Reunion on Hauser Street" and the Season 8 episode "Super Bowl Sunday".

Played by actress and former Burlesque entertainer Gloria LeRoy, who first appeared on the show as Bobbie Jo Loomis in the Season 3 a episode titled "The Threat", Boom Boom was given the nickname by Archie at the Pendergast Tool & Die loading dock, where Mildred also worked before she began working full-time at Archie's Place, who said that every time she walked by her endowments would go "Boom, Boom"!