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"Mike and Gloria Split"
Season 7, episode # 23
# 155 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date February 26, 1977
Production code 723 (7x23)
Teleplay by: Mel Tolkin & Larry Rhine
Story by: Mort Lachman & Milt Josefsberg
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: None
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Mike and Gloria Split is the 23rd episode of Season 7 of All in the Family, and the 155th overall episode of the series. Prepared for TV as a teleplay penned by Mel Tolkin and Larry Rhine from an original story written by Mort Lachman and Milt Josefsberg, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, originally aired on CBS-TV on February 26, 1977.

"Mike and Gloria Split"
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Mike and Gloria have an argument after a Scrabble game about Mike always being right and that she never did get to go to college as Mike had promised. Mike also ends up with Archie as a roommate for one night.


During a game of Scrabble, Gloria becomes resentful of Mike's condescending demeanor, she accuses him of thinking she is inferior and goes so far, also complaining that she helped put him through college, and now he looks down on her and treats her like a kid. Their fight causes Mike to angrily storm out of the house to spend the night next door at the Bunkers' where he has to share a bed with Archie. The sleeping arrangements are tricky, since Teresa is now using the extra room, leading Mike to have to sleep in the same room as Archie where his picky habits drive Archie crazy. Eventually, Mike goes back home and he and Gloria make up.

Did You Know?[]


Even though she didn't appear, this was the last time Teresa was ever mentioned in the series.


  • Based on the layout of the doors in the hallway (three doors at 90-degree angles at the top of the stairs) it becomes clear that the layout of the bedrooms is physically impossible. The size and shape and orientation of the rooms could not exist in the house as shown.

When Archie mentions his cousin Oscar, Mike behaves as though he didn't know anything about Oscar's visit to the Bunker house. In the [[Season 2 (All in the Family)}Season 2]] opening episode "The Saga of Cousin Oscar", Mike was living with the Bunkers at that time, and in fact was the one who discovered Oscar had died in the attic.

Revealing mistakes

At around 21 minutes, when Archie knocks on the bedroom wall to speak to Edith, he is clearly knocking on an exterior wall. This based on the layout of the home and the fact that their bed sits between two windows.

Scene excerpts[]

  • Mike: Arch, what did your Cousin Oscar die of?
  • Archie: I think he died of bad feet.
  • Mike: Nobody dies of bad feet.
  • Archie: I dunno, he was always complaining that his feet were killing him, so...

[Mike has climbed into bed with Archie and accidentally spilled water on him]

  • Archie: You got into bed with me to do this here?
  • Mike: It was an accident.
  • Archie: With Little Joey it's an accident. With you, it's a dishonorable discharge.

[Mike slips into the bed with the sheets tucked in]

  • Archie: I don't believe what I just seen there. You slid in there like a card into a time clock.

  • Archie: She ain't a fire starter. She ain't like your Emperor Negro who fiddled while Rome burned.

  • Mike: I'm sorry to get you out of bed.
  • Edith: Oh that's all right, we was only sleeping.

  • Archie: Wait a minute, we don't wanna know what happened there. Don't tell us what happened, we don't want to know. Tell him we don't give a damn what happened, right?
  • Edith: Right. What happened, Mike?

  • Mike: Gloria said I ruined her life.
  • Archie: I told her the same thing seven years ago.

  • Archie: Where the hell is going to sleep, with Teresa?
  • Edith: No, Teresa can sleep in our bed.
  • Archie: Up against you or up against me?
  • Edith: Oh no, see, Archie, you'll sleep in Teresa's bed in Mike's old room and I'll ask Teresa to come and sleep with me in our bed in our room, and Mike will sleep on the cot in Teresa's room which used to be Mike's room where you'll be sleeping. See, you won't have to sleep up against nobody, see?
  • Archie: If I could figure that one out, I'd be sleeping up against a straightjacket.

  • Archie: [referring to Mike] He ain't been the same since he had that vassexomy.

  • Mike: (talking to Gloria) You were right, Honey, I am a meathead. Not only that, I'm a pompous ass.

  • Mike: Your spelling is atrocious.
  • Gloria: Atrocious?
  • Mike: Yeah, can you spell that?
  • Gloria: Atrocious. M-E-A-T-H-E-A-D. Atrocious.

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  • No guest stars appear in this episode.

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