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"Maude's Dilemma: Part 2"
Season 1, episode # 10
# 10 overall in series (141 episodes)
"Maude" episode
Series: Maude
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date November 21, 1972
Production code 106 (1x10)
Teleplay by: Susan Harris
Story by: Irma Kalish
Directed by: Bill Hobin
Guest starring: Rue McClanahan
Brian Morrison
Elisabeth Fraser
Ray Kellogg
Robert Mandan
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Maude's Dilemma: Part 2 was the tenth episode of Season 1 of Maude, also 10th in the series. Prepared for TV by Susan Harris from a story written Irma Kalish, the episode, the conclusion of a two-part story, which was directed by Bill Hobin, originally aired on CBS-TV on November 21, 1972.

"Maude's Dilemma: Part 2"
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Conclusion of two-part story. Walter does not want to be a father, Maude decides not to have the baby.


Part 2 and conclusion of a two-part story. Carol suggests that Maude should terminate the pregnancy now that the practice is legal in the state of New York. Maude cannot gauge Walter's reaction as he is publicly indifferent to the idea. After soul-searching and taking advice from Carol, Walter, Arthur and Vivian, Maude decides to terminate the pregnancy.

Did You Know?[]


  • Maude's pregnancy was never mentioned again after this episode.

Scene Excerpts[]

  • Maude: [to Carol, about Walter] Last night, in his sleep, he said Maude, I want to have this baby.
  • Carol: [With a sigh of relief] Well why didn't you tell me that before?
  • Maude: Because it's not true. Look, Carol, I just want to get you OFF MY BACK!

  • Arthur: Just between you and me Walter, I don't know why Maude wants to have the baby at all. At her age you know there are certain risks.
  • Walter: Well don't underestimate the maternal instinct, Arthur. Besides, she might also be fighting the idea of abortion on moral grounds.
  • Arthur: And you don't want to interfere?
  • Walter: I think I interfered enough already!

  • Walter: [Referring to a vasectomy] Tell me something. What's it like after...
  • Arthur: After the snip, snip?
  • Walter: [Cringing] After the snip, snip.
  • Arthur: Nothing, except you can't make babies. That's all.
  • Walter: And that's it?
  • Arthur: That's it.
  • Walter: I don't change into a Soprano, do I?

  • Maude: Listen honey, would you like a pickle?
  • Walter: No, thanks.


  • 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (TV special) - Clips featured during montage.


  • And Then There's Maude (series theme song)

Lyrics by Marilyn Bergman and Alan Bergman, Music by Dave Grusin, Performed by Donny Hathaway

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