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"Maude's Big Decision"
Season 4, episode # 4
# 73 overall in series (141 episodes)
Maude 4x4 - Maude's Big Decision
After Walter catches her appearance on a local TV news show, Maude finally gets her way, as he gives in and encourages her to run for the NY State Senate in "Maude's Big Decision" in Season 4 (ep.#4)
"Maude" episode
Series: Maude
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date September 29, 1975
Production code 405 (4x4)
Written by: Charlie Hauck
Directed by: Hal Cooper
Guest starring: James Olson
Jean Gillespie
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Maude's Big Decision was the fourth episode of Season 4 of Maude, also the 73rd overall episode in the series. Written by Charlie Hauck, the episode, which was directed by Hal Cooper, premiered on CBS-TV on September 29, 1975.

"Maude's Big Decision"
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Maude is more than relieved to find out that Walter was in bed with Arthur; they both passed out together after their night of partying. Maude finally decides to step down from the election if it means Walter will become sober again, but it is Walter who has the true change of heart and reconciles with Maude, giving her his full blessing about her role in politics.


Walter goes back to the house, still drinking, and still relentlessly demanding that Maude give up her run for Senate, or else he goes back to his apartment for good, with the intent of never returning! Feeling defeated, Maude finally (and wrathfully) gives into Walter's childish blackmail and is about ready to drop her bid for Senate, but she issues him a very blunt warning that she would not be setting anything gently down in the house for a long time.

A gleeful and smug Walter, finally mollified that he got exactly what he wanted, and not caring about his wife was feeling, cavalierly dismisses her concerns by stating, "Oh, you'll just get over it!" Walter, still drinking, begins to gloat about his victory.

Vivian, on the other hand, berated him for his unbridled selfishness. When asked by Walter what she thought of him forcing Maude to drop out of her race, she said, coldly, "I think it sucks scissors!" She then storms into the kitchen with Mrs. Naugatuck (who was also angry at Walter for the abusive way he was treating Maude) to comfort her friend.

Putting aside his usual ideological differences with Maude and showing that he really does (and always had) care about her as a person, Arthur gently counseled her that her running for the NY State Senate was not the cause of Walter's relapse, and that ending her run would not make him stop his drinking. According to him, she had to detach herself from Walter with love, because he would continue to drink, no matter what she did. Walter's gloating would finally came back to haunt him, however.

Arthur, the one whom Walter thought would be firmly on his side, finally loses his temper with him and lets fly with a scathing tirade, berating him for the pain and hurt he was putting Maude through because of his chauvinism. This came after Walter gloated one time too many about what he had done to Maude, childishly bragging, "Arthur, let's have another drink to celebrate! I WON!!!!"

" Won?! Won what?!" Arthur yelled at a stunned Walter, "Happiness through blackmail?! You know, you're like a baby throwing a temper tantrum! Everybody has to give in to Walter Findlay because he's an alcoholic! I don't like you very much right now, Walter!"

After watching Maude on a morning news show, and seeing just how wonderful she was on the air, he finally relents and allows Maude to run, but she loses the primary and supports her opponent, who wins the seat. After that, Maude returned to being a full-time wife, which pleased Walter.

However, in the series finale of Maude, Walter would be a lot more receptive to Maude becoming a US Congresswoman, when she is tapped to take over the unexpired term of an old friend of hers who died while in office.

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  • Note: This and three previous episodes ("The Split", "Consenting Adults", "Rumpus in the Rumpus Room") comprised a four-week story arc which centered on the possible dissolution of the Findlay marriage due to Maude's political ambition and Walter's chauvinistic tantrum concerning it.

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  • Jean Gillespie as Woman Interviewer
  • James Olson as Senator Bob Myers

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