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Lynne Moody
Lynne Moody
Lynne Moody ofiginated the role of Jenny Willis, Lionel Jefferson's girlfriend (later on, wife) in a Season 4 episode of AITF titled "Lionel's Engagement".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Actress/Voice artist
Years active: 1972-present
Character/Series involvement
Series: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Lionel's Engagement" (Season 4)
Character played: Jenny Willis
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Lynne Moody (born February 17, 1950)[1] is a veteran actress who has made many appearances in television. She originated the role of Jenny Willis, the girlfriend of Lionel Jefferson in the All in the Family episode titled "Lionel's Engagement" in Season 4, before being replaced in the role by Berlinda Tolbert in the episode "The Jeffersons Move Up" in Season 5, which also aired as the pilot episode of The Jeffersons spinoff the very next week after it was first aired as an AITF episode.

Lynn's most prominent roles include Tracy Curtis Taylor in That's My Mama from 1974–1975 and was replaced by Joan Pringle in the second season; she also played Irene Harvey in Roots, Polly Dawson in Soap, Nurse Julie Williams in E/R and Patricia Williams in Knots Landing. She was also the original Jenny Willis when the character was introduced in the 1974 episode of All in the Family titled "Lionel's Engagement". By the time the pilot episode of The Jeffersons aired in January, 1975, the role was recast with Berlinda Tolbert replacing her as Jenny Willis. In 2000, she had a recurring role on the hit ABC daytime drama series, General Hospital as "Florence Campbell". In 1976 she was also the star of the Women in Prison exploitation TV-movie "Nightmare in Badham County" that was later released to theaters as Nightmare.


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