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Lyle Bennett
Sorrell Booke as Lyle Bennett
Mr. Bennett, TV station manager, as played by Sorrell Booke
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Local NYC area TV station manager
Allows Archie editorial time on the 6:00pm News althought taken aback by Archie's views in his rebuttal against gun control
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie and the Editorial" (Season 3)
Character played by: Sorrell Booke
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Lyle Bennett is a character who appears in the Season 3 episode of All in the Family titled "Archie and the Editorial"'. The part of Mr. Bennett is played by character actor Sorrell Booke, who would later appear as Joseph Sanders, Archie's boss at Pendergast Tool & Die, in four episodes from Seasons 4-8 in the series.

About Mr. Bennett[]

When Archie becomes angry at a television news editorial advocating gun control, he marches down to the TV station demanding that his voice be heard. Station manager Mr. Bennett, who strongly disagrees with Archie's views, is astounded, like Mike, at Archie's thick-headed views on gun control.

When Archie makes a ridiculous suggestion to "bring back the death penalty" when asked by Bennett how to stop "people from killing people", after Archie said "guns don't kill people" in his pro-gun rant, he calls for a Mr. Johnson, who also works at the station, saying "there's something I want him to see before it's extinct!" Catering to Archie's first amendment rights to free speech, Lyle allows Archie fifteen minutes on the air to deliver a rambling rebuttal, which brings him attention from all who watch him, including a man who walks into Kelsey's Bar, who winds up holding him and the others at gunpoint, and stealing the money from their wallets!