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"Lovers in Common"
Season 3, episode # 6
# 52 overall in series (141 episodes)
"Maude" episode
Series: Maude
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date October 14, 1974
Production code 307 (3x6)
Written by: Pamela Herbert Chais
Directed by: Hal Cooper
Guest starring: Lee Bergere
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Lovers in Common was the sixth episode of Season 3 of Maude, also the 52nd overall episode in the series. Written by Pamela Herbert Chais, the episode, which was directed by Hal Cooper, premiered on CBS-TV on October 14, 1974.

"Lovers in Common"
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Maude and Vivian go out for drinks one evening, while Arthur and Walter go away for a golfing weekend. The two girls soon compare notes and discover that an old flame who once dated both of them has sent them each a post card saying he'll be in town. The two girls quickly get drunk while debating over who he finds more attractive.


While Arthur and Walter are out of town golfing, Maude and Vivian go out to a restaurant for drinks. They both have a secret to share: old flames sent them postcards announcing their imminent arrival in town. Upon seeing each other's postcards, they realize their "old flames" are in fact the same man, and they quickly get drunk while arguing over which woman he "really wants."

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  • The Waltons (TV series) - Maude: "Why, if I had the chance to choose the son I've always wanted it would have to be a toss-up between Steve and John-Boy".

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  • Lee Bergere as Peter Durland

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