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Lou Derman
Lou Derman
Lou Derman both produced and wrote episodes for "All In The Family".
Personal Information
Born: (1914-09-28)September 28, 1914
Birthplace: New York City, NY, U.S.
Died February 15, 1976(1976-02-15) (aged 61)
Deathplace: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.
Career/Family Information
Television writer / Producer
known for:
producing/writing episodes for Good Times. Mister Ed, & The Phyllis Diller Show, among other TV shows
Family Information
Series connection
Series involved with: All in the Family
with series:
Writer/Story editor 17 episodes
  • Script Supervisor, 23 episodes
  • Producer, 24 in series
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    Louis "Lou" Derman (September 28, 1914 - February 15, 1976), born in New York, was a magician and TV script writer/producer.


    Derman graduated from New York University. As a television comedy writer, he was co-creator and head writer of the Mr. Ed television series (6 years), head writer of December Bride (4 years), and writer and producer of All in the Family.

    Also a fan of magic, Derman wrote a columns in Genii called "KNIGHTS AT THE MAGIC CASTLE" (from January 1967 to April 1968) and later in "The Linking Ring" called "Leger-Dermania", starting in 1968. It was full of comments on the Magic Castle and advice on performing, but written in a very light tone and full of gags.

    You can find Lou mentioned 25 times in magician Dai Vernon's [1] monthly genii magazine monthly column "The Vernon Touch". Dai credits Lou with one of his best lines: "I am 76 years old and have been doing magic for over seventy years - I wasted the first six years." [2][3][4]


    He was at the height of his career as writer-producer of "All in the Family" when he died of a heart attack while driving to work. He was buried at Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California. [5]


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