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LGBT man & Woman
Edith greets LGBT people
LGBT organization representatives George Robinson of the Gay Libertation Front (GLF) and Cynthia Nash of the Daughters of Sappho get rudely greeted by Archie in the "AITF" episode titled "The Election Story".
Personal Information
Gender: Male (George Robinson) Female (Cynthia Nash)
Gay/Lesbian organization members
Both get rudely greeted by Archie, who tips Edith on the sexual preference of the two when they handed leafets to her describing their organzations agenda and their attempt to get her and others to vote for their candidate in a local election
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "The Election Story" (Season 2)
Character played by: Robert R. Barry (George)
Female character uncredited
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The LGBT man & Woman at the Bunker's door were characters who appeared in the Season 2 All in the Family episode, "The Election Story". The male LGBT person, a George Robinson was played by actor Robert Gibbons. The part of the woman, Cynthia Nash, was uncredited.

About George[]

In the "The Election Story" episode, the two LGBT organization members George Robinson, who's with the Gay Liberation Front, and his assistant, Cynthia Nash, who represents the Daughters of Sappho, are going around from door to door, passing out pamphlets describing the agenda of the organizations which they represent, as well as trying to get people to vote for the candidate in a local election that both their organizations endorse.

When Edith answers the door, she thinks that the two are actually a couple, until Archie, who comes downstairs and overhears the conversation between Edith, who's in the dark as to who the two represent, and the man and woman, as well as their sexual orientation, informs her of the facts about them in a not so subtle manner, saying to her "Edith, do you have to be a dingbat all of the time?" When Edith responds "They seemed like such a nice couple.", Archie then informs her "A couple of what? He ain't a he and she ain't a she!", this after he rudely greets the two by answering the door "Excuse me, get lost!!" before slamming the door in their faces!

The still in the dark Edith finally realizes what the two LGBT representatives actually were all about when he reminds her of a neighbor named Richie Clifford, who liked to wear women's clothes that also liked to sit on his porch and knit sweaters as she recalls about him, "he taught her how to cable stitch!", and then also a woman named Maxine who was a taxicab driver and a daughter of another one of the neighbors named Schultzy who got rejected when she tried to join an all male taxicab driver teamster's union. When Edith finally gets it all, she responds "You mean they're--", Archie replies "Yeah, yeah... Tooty and Fruity!"